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Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"


Handcrafted cat trees and scratching posts made with real wood and all-natural
sisal or manilla rope.  No carpet or faux coverings. 

"Mountain Cat Trees are the sturdiest, most durable and elegantly-crafted pet furniture I have ever seen. This type of quality is rare today," Jake M., Worcester, MA

These All Natural Cat Trees are 95% biodegradable and are an earth-friendly alternative to typical retail carpeted cat trees. These products combine function and artistry with quality that lasts.  
* Made in the USA with roughly 90%+ materials sourced in the USA. 
* Carpet, plywood, MDF and OSB free 
* Great option for those with chemical sensitivity and allergies 
* Handsome, attractive designs to complement any home decor

"NOTICE"  The wood of the 'tree' used in these Cat Trees and Incline Scratcher with Post  comes with a non toxic and environmentally safe clear coat finish. This finish is pet safe, has no odor and helps minimize small cracks in the tree which normally appear in untreated wood.

Natural sisal rope is used in each of our scratchers. 
These scratching posts have a no-tip design and are very sturdy.
Each comes with rubber bumper feet for no slip on hard floors.
Determine what scratching style (vertical or horizontal) your cat prefers when choosing a scratcher.
Scratchers are currently available for sale in the USA only. Scratching posts ship in 1-2 weeks via UPS ground.

These Cat Trees are handcrafted and ship direct from the manufacturer via UPS Ground.  

Scratching posts are usually kept in stock and therefore may ship in a little as two days but may take up to two weeks.

Cat Trees are made at the time of order and generally ship anywhere from 2-4 weeks. In rare cases where we are waiting on a supplier it could be up to 6 weeks.

The cat trees and the Incline Scratcher with Post or Tree come with the option of either bronze or Nickel hardware.
The cat trees require easy assembly with a Phillip’s head screwdriver and a hex key. The hex key and detailed instructions are included.
The vertical scratching post also requires assembly, no tools needed.
These ship UPS ground and currently ship to the continental United States only.
Since the cat trees are crafted from real trees, it is possible that over time small cracks will appear in the wood of the tree as it dries. This is normal and will not affect the structural integrity of the cat tree.
All of our products are guaranteed against structural defects and against breaking under normal use for up to one year from purchase. The following guidelines must be followed. 

- Do not pick up your new cat tree by any of the platforms. Grasp the base and one of the tree lengths to pick up and move it. 
-The products are for indoor use only and should not be placed in an area where they could get wet. 
-They should be kept away from extreme heat such as woodstoves or radiators. Very low humidity could cause more cracks to appear in the tree. 
-Children should not climb on the cat trees. 
- The cat trees and scratching posts come with rubber feet for no slip on hard floors. They are only designed to be used with all the feet touching the floor.

Do not place the product in any position that will compromise its stability. 
If a product fails or breaks under normal use within one year from the date of purchase we will repair or replace the product (at our discretion) minus shipping costs.

The warranty does not cover sisal scratcher wear and tear.

The manufacturer should be notified of returns within 5 days of customer receiving the item and the product must reach us within 14 days. Customer pays for return shipping costs. 

Products must be unused condition free from scratches or cat hair. We cannot accept a return if the product has been taken out of it’s packaging and introduced to a cat. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on the basis that the cat is not using the product. Customer should keep original packaging to return an item. 

If the product has been damaged in shipment the customer should contact the retailer immediately. Customer should keep original packaging.


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