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Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

Spring 2018

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What's New Pussicat?  

There's lots new at

Let's start with "It's our 10th Birthday!!"  

To mark the occasion, all 
Outdoor Kennels and Kennel Accessories are 10% OFF through March 31st!  Your kitties have cabin fever too!  But Spring is inevitable!  Give them some 'outdoor time', just in time for the spring thaw! You won't regret it!  If you need assistance on the type and size that will fit your needs, just call me.

Secondly, We were recently awarded the title of "AUTHORIZED PETSAFE RETAILER"  This is no easy thing!  Not all internet retailers make it into the Petsafe family.  It took us 10 years!  Come see this premier line of cat products.  We will be adding more in the coming days but click this link and it will give you an idea of the great products they make at PETSAFE.  

Also, new is the announcement from one of our former manufacturers, Great Lakes Cat Furniture, that under new ownership, they will begin production the summer of 2018.  I anxiously look forward to offering their creations of cat furniture, which are works of art!  Check back for availability.

And then,  another craftsman who has been on hiatus, let me know his unique Indoor / Outdoor Cedar Cat Trees will again be available.  Great news for me and for the indoor or outdoor kitties, who are fortunate to receive one of his handmade cat tees.  These are available NOW!

So, lots going on!  I'm just so happy to anticipate Spring!!  Hope you and your kitties enjoy some springtime weather soon.  Come visit us at!

Warm regards,  
( =';'= )
(.|.| |.|.)

Pat Lemmons
Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Fall is a beautiful time of the year.  The hot weather is gone and cool breezes abound.  With fall comes holidays and celebrations.  Right now, we are reminded to think of all the things we are thankfull for. This last Sunday, in church, the pastor asked us to make a fist, before we bowed our head in prayer, and during prayer, count at least 5 things, on the fingers of that hand, we were thankful for.  That small exercise made me think of and count blessings on that hand and I had to keep counting.  I am so blessed!  It is not difficult to realize all the things we should be thankful for, but forget in the everyday hustle and bustle of life.  Stop........for just a minute.....and count at least 5 things you are thankful for.  I'll bet you will think of more than just five!  I did.

I am so thankful for my family, who sustain me through good times and difficult times.  I am thankful, of course, for my customers, here at KittyStoreOnline.  I am thankful for the dedicated manufacturers, without whose quality products, KittyStoreOnline would not exist.  But,
 you get the point..........Count your blessings!

I am excited to offer some new, high quality products in our outdoor cat furniture.  You can see the spectacular 
Cat Gym, as well as the new outdoor cedar cat trees, the outdoor shelf perches, stairs and ramps, for your furry friends climbing pleasure.

Also, fresh for Christmas giving is Our Pet's new 
"Mouse In A Pouch", which I have ordered for my own cat's Christmas.  There is also the "Whirling Wiggler" and "Tail Spin" which my cats have and love.  Don't forget your furry friends at Christmas.  They don't know why they are getting gifts, but you will, and they will love it!

Still looking for the "purr-fect" outdoor cat house?  We have an extensive offering of attractive, long lasting cat houses, heated or unheated.  You can 
find just the right one here.

I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, safe travels through the crowded roadways and good health to enjoy it all!  Keep those furr-babies warm!

Warm regards,  

( =';'= )
(.|.| |.|.)

Pat Lemmons
361-813-6000    .  
Spring, 2017

Spring, 2017

I know it's Summer, according to the calendar, but who among us had Winter?  Perhaps a few people in the far Northeast or North Dakota?   South Texas has mild winters but this one was almost nonexistant.  And, the 100 degree mark has been exceeded way too many days, this Spring.  We're being warned of a super-hot Summer.  Not much new there!!

WOW!  We will be mentioned on 
MY CAT FROM HELL, Season 9, Episode 12.  That episode should air on the Animal Planet channel, July 29th.  (TV schedules can change)   Jackson Galaxy vsits a unique pet shelter, with "safe" outdoor spaces for cats, the Living Free Animal Sanctuary in Idylwild, California.  The manufacturer of some of my outdoor cat trees, Miller Woodworks, and I, each donated one of the Rustic Cedar Outdoor Cat Trees, to the sanctuary.  My donated cat tree included a cat cabin. Jackson Galaxy will also feature our donations on his website and Facebook page.  Be sure to tune in to the Animal Planet on Saturday, July 29th at 8:00 PM EST and 7:00 PM CST

Speaking of new, one of our manufacturers is introducing some awesome outdoor cat furniture, just in time for the warm weather.  An outdoor gym for your catio and outdoor shelves and stairs for the kitties climbing enjoyment, exciting for your kitties............. long lasting and durable for you.

Outdoor / Indoor Cat Gym


More NEW Products:
30" Rustic Cedar Scratch Post 

Design pretty enough for your living room.  Rugged enough for outdoor use.

Displaying Bare-sm.jpg

Displaying Sisal-sm.jpg

Don't forget our other outstanding cat trees, cat cabins, cat houses and Outdoor Kennels for your Catio, great for any time of year!  Give your cat access to the fresh air outside, in one of our great Outdoor Kennels!

One of our customers just received her new cat kennel for her "catio". She is super excited about giving her cats some "outside time".  Her enthusiasm is contagious.  I can relate and remember twrlve years ago.  We had just moved and had two cats as well as two dogs.  In our previous home, both cats were allowed to use the pet door and enjoyed being outside.  One cat just laid in the flower beds or on the patio.  The other was allowed to roam, in brushy fields next to us, but had to come in at night.  Sometimes it was midnight before he responded to my calls.

When we moved, I could not let them out into a new environment they didn't know.  They might try to find their way back to the old house, as many cats do.  We were 35 miles from our old house and I wouldn't take the chance of losig them.  It was a couple of months before we built our outdoor kennel. They were literally climbing the walls.  There were no "cat kennels" available on the matket for a cat, just dog kennels.  So, we built a cat kennel, with a dog kennel, and designed a roof to keep them from escaping.

The cat who just laid in the yard or on the patio went out every once in a while, preferring to lay around inside.   The cat who had been allowed to roam, still spends much of his days outside.  When it is too hot or is raining, he will come inside.  The first cat, Pepper, has sinced passed away, at the age of 16.  The other cat, Smokey,  turns 16 this month and still spends most of his days outside, until it gets too hot.

He has 3 other adoptees now, who also love the kennel.  It was a great investment for me and I'm sure they will agree.

There are so many cat vidos and photos shared on the internet, you can never get enough and If you follow us on Facebook, you know we share the funniest and cutest ones we find.  Check us out and "LIKE" us at

Stay cool and be sure to leave fresh water outside, each day, for our little furry feral friends.

Until we meet again.....BE GOOD TO THOSE KITTIES!

( =';'= )

(.|.|  |.|.)

Pat Lemmons
Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Well, hmmmmm.  I’m a little late with my winter newsletter.   But, hey! …….It’s still winter!  A little surgery and a family member’s illness got me a little off course.   But I’m back and ready to go!

Winter finally got here.  Do you have snow?  I hope you’re not among those who experienced the floods!  Thank Heaven for animal rescue groups who go to these places to rescue the animals who couldn’t get out, on their own.

Don’t let this be your cat’s Winter of Discontent.  Give him a place to enjoy the pleasures offered by the outdoor wonders.  Give him fresh air………sunshine……..the wind in his face……… chase or not to chase, the bug, the bird, the lizard..   
And, a pet door to come and go, without bothering you

If you can’t consider an outdoor kennel, we now offer an alternative, Cat Window Enclosures.  See them here  
There are many sizes to fit your needs, not taking up a lot of space, while still giving your cat the fresh air of the outside world he craves.  There are easy to install, and remove, window pet doors to allow your cat access but keep the cold or hot air out of your house  The safe purrfect solution to your cat’s yearning for the outdoors.

The sale of houses for outside cats was brisk this year.  I’m always happy to see people taking care of those outside kitties, especially helping them with a warm place to sleep in the cold of winter.  I had mine from last year and it got used a lot by my feral cats.  Every day, at least one was inside, or on the top, where I put an extra heating pad.

As I recuperated, I have been adding new products.  I now can offer a furniture grade, indoor cat kennel enclosure.  It is craftsman work, using high grade hardwoods with beautiful finish options.  You can see them here  If you need to have a place for your kitties, limiting their roaming the house, this is the quintessential answer.  If you are a breeder, it is available with “Kitten Spacing” in the slats.  Many uses for this innovative product.

Wall mounted cat furniture is really catching on, giving your cats places to climb, explore, play or nap, all up high, safe and secure.  I call this furniture “Boredom Busters” for your cats.  It can be a simple shelf, above the sofa or a virtual playground with shelves, stairs, beds, even a feeding station to keep the dogs away from kitty’s food.  I have added a couple of pieces from a craftsman, offering great furniture grade quality and beautiful wood finishes.  Look at all the options here   Imagine your cats playing and enjoying new vistas.  Imagine the fun of watching them!

My oldest cat, Smokey, who will be 15 this summer, came down with an upper respiratory infection, as evidenced by sniffles, sneezing and runny nose and eye.  The runny eye, however was diagnosed as conjunctivitis.  Being alone, with no help to administer daily medications, the veterinarian, suggested a long acting antibiotic.  I was familiar with its results and was glad to hear it recommended for this particular episode.  I’m telling you this because it might be a few dollars more on the vet bill but will definitely make up for all the one or two doses of meds you may or may not be able to get down your cat’s throat, daily, NOT to mention the anguish you go through!  For infection, ask your veterinarian if it is acceptable for your cats next episode.  He may say it is not acceptable for your cat’s particular infection …………. Just FYI, in case it is.

A friend recently sent me a YouTube video for “The World’s Fuzziest Videos”.  It was funny and cute, so, I subscribed.  Now, about once a week, I receive a new video.  Sometimes it is cats or kittens, sometimes it is dogs or puppies and sometimes its other fuzzy little creatures.  Most will bring you a smile or even a chuckle.  You might want to check it out.  The videos are short, not taking a whole lot of time and once a week is not too often to have a smile or chuckle, especially with all the negative political ads and scary terrorist news!

If you are looking for something spcial or need help with a custom product, please feel free to contact me.  I will always do whatever I can to help.  Please think of us often as you consider shopping for your kitties or those waiting for FOREVER homes, in Shelters. Remember our every day "THANKS" Discounts and special discounts for Shelters.

Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Are you ready for some football???  Ready or not, it's fall in the U.S. and, as usual, there is wall-to-wall football, on TV.  My cat's aren't really fans. But then, they don't care for loud noises and, let's face it, football is noisy.

Fall means cooler temperatures and it's probably cooler in some parts of the country, but not in south Texas.  Not yet, anyway.  The weather man is promising a cool down this week.  My cats will appreciate and enjoy cooler temperatures, when they finally get here.  They will spend more daylight hours in their Outdoor Cat Kennel and less time inside, in the air conditioning.  The kennel gives them fresh air, sunshine and a little freedom from the walls of the house.  And, for the most part, they are safe. I say "for the most part" because there are a few harmfull things that can enter the kennel.  One of the 'harmful' things would be poisonous snakes.  I am told, by people who say they know, that a cat will kill a snake.  However, I don't want to take that chance, so, I like to sprinkle Snake Repellant around the outside of the kennel.  It washes away, with rain, and has to be reapplied but seems to do the trick.  There are several brands, on the market, which can be found at the big box stores and some plant nurseries.

Fall is also a prime time for pet allergies.  Like humans, they are susceptible to airborne irritants, as well as food and flea or tick allergies. For "everything you ever wanted to know" about pet allergies, you can refer to for their latest newsletter. They also offer many all natural remedies for lots of pet allergies.

I don't read books as much as I used to.  However, I recently saw one that looked interesting, so, I bought it.  It is "TO CATCH A CAT", by Heather Green.  The story chronicles a busy New York City professional, who becomes involved with a feral cat and her three kittens.  It's a life changing experience for this young woman, who learns about herself.......and life, from her experience with these cats.  It's funny, philisophical and, at times, tear provoking.  I recommend it highly!  It's available at most online book stores.  I would like to share mine and will give it away, before Christmas.  To enter to win my copy of the book, go to, CLICK to "LIKE" Us, then CLICK on the link to register on the website.  If you've already "Liked" us, before, you can still enter.  I can check to be sure the selected winner is among our "Likes".

One of my sons sent me a funny  -  
"If your cat had a cell phone, it wouldn't text you back".   Well, does that say it all, about a cat, or what?  I, just today, saw one of the funniest Funny Cat Video Compilations I have ever seen. I shared it with some of my "cat friends".  You can watch it here   So Funny!  They bring it on themselves, you know, just too nosey.

Does your cat sleep with you?  In a recent newsletter from, Karen Harris wrote, 5 Reasons Sharing Your Bed With Your Cat Is Awesome.  These are the 5 reasons she cites:

1.  They're like fluffy little heaters.
     Who needs a hot water bottle when you have a cuddly kitty to curl up with?  

OK, Karen, who uses a hot wter bottle, these days?  Also, Karen, how is this good in the middle of a hot summer?  Admittedly, it is comfy in the winter but can be uncomfortable in the summer.

2.  They give you peace of mind.
     You know that your super-sensitive feline will alarm you to any nocturnal sights, smells, or sounds that seem out of the ordinary. She’s like your real-life burglar/fire/ghost(!) detector.

Yes, Karen, and they will wake you in the middle of the night, sounding like a thundering herd of elephants running from room to room, then across you in bed.  AND, they can be so quiet and gentle, when sneaking up on one of the other cats..............then letting out a blood-curdling scream, when it pounces.

3. They’re a great source of emotional healing. 
     Kitty therapy, anyone? You may not have a registered service cat, but he’s certainly therapeutic for you. Any time you’re with your him, you’re automatically more calm, relaxed, and happy. What a great way to drift off into dreamland!

OK, Karen, OK.  They're sweet and cuddly!

4. Plus, your cat loves to snuggle, too!
    You’re not the only one who enjoys this cozy sleeping arrangement!

OK, Karen, OK.  They're sweet and cuddly!

5. It’s the best way to wake up.
    When the sweet whiskered face of your favorite kitty is the first thing you see in the morning (and her soft fur is the first thing you touch!), there is simply no better way to start the day. Now you can both put your best paw forward!

OK, any argument, anyone?  Of course not, these are the sweetest, cuddliest little creatures on earth!!  We LOVE sharing our beds with them!

I also was made aware of a website that is paid to give you free stuff.  It might be beauty products for you or food and toys for your cat(s). You and your cat can receive a "goody-box" every month.  It's called

PINCHme is a monthly box of free goodies for you and your cat. Here is how you get going:
1. You simply sign up for free on
2. Fill out your profile indicating you own a cat. 
3. Select the free samples you’re interested in. 
4. Then, once you try them out, give a review of the product. 

On top of the cat options, there is a wide variety of products to select from. They include products for home, food, beauty, baby and personal care. You can test new cleaning products as well.

To start getting your free products just go to and start the process I mentioned above.  I hope you enjoy getting some free stuff !

It's time to order those winter shelters for your feral or outside cats.  We have a couple of new items you can see here  and here  Avoid a delay in delivery by ordering NOW !   And, don't forget our "Thanks" discounts.  It never hurts to save a little money!

Enjoy your FALL weather 
(SIGH) and please visit us soon!



In a PurrFect world, summer would be a low of 60 degrees and a high of 80 degrees.  However, in our Im-PurrFect world, we must deal with a low of 79 degrees and a high of 100 degrees +.  At least, in South Texas, that's our world.

You certainly must remember your pets experience the same discomforts of summer.  Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water and a cool place to lie down.  With my indoor pets, that seems to be inside, in the AC.  They even reserve their outdoor kennel for early morning and late afternoon.  

However, for my outside, neighborhood, cats, I try to be sure they too have fresh water, each day.  Most days, I add a few ice cubes to the bowl, in the afternoon, just to keep it from getting really hot. Of course, they act like they don't notice, but I see them enjoying the cool water.

For your inside pets, consider one of the 
filtering pet fountains.  These provide continuous fresh water for your pet whether you are home or away.

Several months ago, I searched the internet for something to relieve one of my cats excessive skin dander and constant scratching.  I found, and tried, a product called "Magic Mender Itch Ender".  It is an Omega 3 oil for pets.  If you've ever put medications in a cat's bowl, you know they usually will not eat their food.  I expected this to be the case.  I started slow, as they reccommended, with a few drops on his wet food. He didn't seem to notice.  After a few weeks, I was up to 1/8 th teaspoon, the recommended daily dose.   He actually seems to like it.  It is very noticeable but he laps it up, anyway.  Some of his siblings even want to lick his bowl, when he's through eating.  I have started adding a few drops to everyone's bowl.

The great website I found is  There are 100% Natural remedies for hundreds of pet ailments.  If you need help with a condition, for which you have consulted a veterinarian without results, you might want to check out this site.  They have a veterinarian available for questions or consultation.

Now that summer is here, think about an 
outdoor kennel for your indoor cats.  There are so many things to see, hear and sniff in the outside world your indoor cats don't have, when they're confined inside the walls of your home.  There's a new adventure, everyday.   It's even great in the winter, on good days.  A window pet door is easy to install and can lead into the outdoor world of their dreams.   Think about your kitty(ies) lying in a comfy hammock or climbing on their outdoor cat tree in the warm summer breezes.  A bird feeder, nearby, will be like kitty TV for your furr-babies.

If you have no room for a large outdoor cat kennel but would like to give your cat a little sunshine and fresh air, there are 
window enclosuresor "Cat Veranda" that will provide hours of fun or lazyness for your kitties. They can still have that hammock and even shelves to climb on, lay on or play on, all while having a great view of the activity outside.  A real break from boredom.

Do you have a neighborhood cat or cats you feed?  Do you ever wonder where that cat goes for shelter from the cold, the rain, the snow or even the heat?  Do you wish you could provide shelter or keep them safe?  There are many outdoor cat houses on the market today.  Most are built out of cedar, a long lasting wood that also repels insects (like fleas).  It weathers nicely and can protect the cat or cats from the cold, the heat, the rain, sleet and snow.  These are available with insulation that makes them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Most are available with or without that insulation. They can be single story or double deckers.  They can sit flat on your deck or be raised to heights only the cats can reach, keeping them safe from predators.  We, also, now offer the popular Kitty Tube cat house.  These are made from recyclables, making them a very "green" product!  They're available with or without insulation and designed to repel all precipitaion, keeping your outdoor cat warm and dry.  

And.......don't forget the newest craze in cat furniture........
Cat Furniture For The Wall !

Remember, all orders of $99 or more, are eligible for our "THANKS" discounts.

Do you have a cat with behavior problems?  Don't despair!!  You can "Ask Pammy" by visiting She will answer your questions and offer experienced insight into the problem.  Or, visit her blog at for interesting cat behavior insights.

Would you like to do 
-MORE- for shelter cats?  Simply subscribing to a newsletter at  provides one meal for a shelter cat.  Then, every puchase you make at the website will provide meals for shelter cats - 14 meals for every t-shirt - 30 meals for every hoodie - and 20 meals for every jewelry purchase.  Please check it out and sign up.

Spaying a female before her first or second heat will greatly reduce the threat of mammary cancer and uterine disease. A cat does not need to have at least 1 litter to be healthy, nor will they "miss" motherhood. A tabby named "Dusty" gave birth to 420 documented kittens in her lifetime, while "Kitty" gave birth to 2 kittens at the age of 30, having given birth to a documented 218 kittens in her lifetime.  The world does not need this many "stray" kittens!

Don't forget my blog at, for new products and ideas......and, PLEEEEEZ  "Like US" on Facebook!!!!

Until fall........God bless each and every furr-baby,........... and you, of course!

Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Ahhhhhh.......Spring!  My favorite time of year (she said as she sneezed).  Yes, I have one one of those spring, allergy induced head colds. Don't you hate 'em?   However, it is a small price to pay for the most beautiful time of the year!  I love to just sit back and watch the world, around me, renewing itself.  The green of the new leaves (a lighter, brighter green, that darkens as we continue into summer), the vibrant colors of the wildflowers along the roadsides and Mother Natures's pets producing their young.  I call Mother Nature's pets all those animals that are wild and are not cared for as our pets, the birds, racoons, possums, coyotes, skunks and feral cats, etc.  Most of these have to be protected and provided for by God.

Spring always brings an abundance of new kittens to every neighborhood.  Many will not survive to adulthood.  The dangers facing them is great.  Their are predator animals, cars and trucks, traps and poisons, all of which present a great challenge to their survival.

However, those who survive will continually face these dangers.  There is one thing we can do to help.  It is called Spay-Neuter-Return.  This provides for a less stressful life for these animals.  Not only does it reduce the number of new kittens, going forward, but it reduces the fighting among males and the fear among the females.  Reduced fighting also reduces the spread of infectious diseases, allowing the sick to die without spreading deadly diseases.  So much is accomplished with the spay-neuter-return programs.  A lot of groups provide these programs with the help of grants from large organizations such as ASPCA, Alley Cats and other sponsors.  Check with your local animal shelter to see if they provide one of these programs in your neighborhood.  If they don't, ask them to check into it.  There are many grants available, just for this purpose.

Goodness, I love cats!!  If you are reading this, I know you do too!  I'd like to share some posts from my blog.  Check them out here  Let me know if you relate to any of these articles.  I'd love to hear from you. Let me know if there are topics you'd like me to address in an article.

Spring is a good time to think about giving your indoor cats some fresh air and sunshine.  You've been cooped up for the winter.  They're always cooped up.  Think about a safe outdoor 
kennel or a window enclosure, if you don't have room for a kennel.  The window enclosure can also be used, then removed, on an apartment window, with management approval, of course.  You can even grow some cat grass, like wheat, oat and catnip, in containers in the kennel or enclosure.  This gives them some nutrients and treats they don't get in their food.  Outdoor climbing on shelves attached to the wire walls or outdoor cat trees can provide exciting playtime for your furr-babies.  They'll love you for it!

I'd like to show you a new litter box product, the 
Litter Spinner.  This is an easy to clean litter box, great for any home.  It cleans the box in just seconds......Easy to use for anyone.  Check out the video on the product page.

I've added a new line of products, manufactured in Pennsylvania, by Amish craftsmen.  It includes a new "Indoor Cat Enclosure", cusomizable to your needs.  This is great for breeders or anyone who needs to separate their pets from parts of their home.  Crafted of oak or maple hardwoods, with a choice of beautiful wood finishes.  These can be for temporary use or permanent fixtures.

The line also includes a selection of 
pet steps in oak or maple hardwoods and the same selection of beautiful wood finishes, in several sizes, or unfinished cedar in 4 sizes, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  The uncompromised quality of the Amish craftsmen.

There is also a selection of matching
 pet stairs for the wall  and wall shelves in the same beautiful hardwoods and finishes.  The new trend in cat furniture is cat furniture for the wall, new vistas for your cat(s) to explore.. 

Don't forget our PVC or Rustic Cedar Cat Trees, for use in outdoor kennels, on patios or in shelters.

Did you know there is a WebMD for cats?  You can find it 
here.  All your cat's health questions answered and lots of good advice on the care and feeding of furry felines.  Check it out and keep the web address handy.  It's great for when you have a question anout your cat's health and you don't want to call the vet.  Subscribe to their Healthy Cats Newsletter to stay "in the know".

Don't forget about all the other really insighful information found at  Not only does Pam have a Blog, she now has a Podcast and she always answers your personal questions.  She's a very knowledgeable and helpful resource, when it comes to cats.  Here is a particularly enlightening article titled "Why Does My Cat Sare At Nothing?"  I think you will find it interesting and educational.

Happy Spring!!  ca-choo!

Until next time..............

FALL, 2015

FALL, 2015

FALL is in the air!  Only the slightest hint of what is to come.  Do you feel just a little bit cooler, yet? Maybe not, but you know it’s not far away. You can almost feel the cooler breezes, the familiar smell and feel of fall.  It’s one of the most pleasant seasons of the year.  It’s time to start thinking about preparations to be made for winter.  Don’t forget the preparations needed for your pets.  

The pet house heater you promised your dog, the heating mat you know your cat or dog needs. Perhaps a heated bowl to keep the outdoor water bowl or food from freezing.  There are outdoor feeding stations to keep their food and water covered and protected from falling leaves, rain and snow. The outdoor house you’ve been planning for your outdoor cat or the feral cats you feed.  It’s time, now, to think and plan for these necessities for your pets.  Their very lives may depend on the decisions you make now.


I am proud of the outdoor kennels offered at  However, if you don’t have the room for an outdoor kennel, you may want to consider a window Cat Veranda enclosure for those days your furry feline could enjoy some fresh outdoor air and a little sun.  These come in sizes that are 22” deep, with options on width and height.  You can design your cat’s own “sunroom”, with shelves for climbing or a hammock for lazing the day away.   With easily installed window pet doors, your cat can come and go at its leisure or you can control when it has access to the enclosure. Check it out!  It’s an affordable alternative to a large outdoor enclosure.


For those days, when it’s too cold or blustery for you or your cat to venture outdoors, consider toys that will take his/her mind off of the confinement.  Watching them can also make your day more enjoyable.  The Activity Center is a great way to occupy the feline hunting instinct and provide the needed reward, for their efforts.


A toy box, filled with catnip scented playthings can provide for a diversion that you will enjoy watching.   I know it is difficult, if not impossible, to train a cat to pick-up and put-away their toys but it’s so much fun, watching their antics, that you won’t mind the work.  I keep a bottle of catnip spray in the cupboard to keep the catnip scent fresh on their toys.  It’s also good for attracting the outside kitty into their new house.


One of the simplest toys I have seen are ping pong balls.  These are light and can be batted from room to room and, of course, under furniture.   Sometimes it is necessary to rescue the toys from areas your cat cannot reach.  This is a small price for the fun and enjoyment of watching your cat at play. 

October 16 is National Feral Cat Day.  Alley Cat Allies is the largest non-profit in the country helping the plight of "neighborhood cats".  National Feral Cat Day is all about celebrating the Evoluion of the Cat Revolution.  Answer their call to action at  See how you can help.

I recently saw a report, on TV, that said watching funny cat videos is good for you.  It is proven to lower your blood pressure and the laughter improves your health in many ways.  I believe they say it releases “endorphins”.  So, I hope you will tune into one of the many sites that offer these videos.

If you are not a “seasoned” funny cat videos viewer, here is a good place to start but, I warn you, it’s hard to turn them off.   Don’t just watch “Part 1”, go ahead to “Part 2”.  Remember, laughter is good for your health.

Now, don't you feel better?  And "follow" my new wordpress blog posts at  If you have subjects you would like for me to address, I will happily research and report on those on the blog.

Until next time, be good to your furry friends!  They'll love you back!  

It's Summer, 2015 - Enjoy It!

It's Summer, 2015 - Enjoy It!

Welcome to the Cat Days of Summer!  They DO love summer!  They can get out to play early, then lay in the shade, or under the air conditioning, and snooze the day away.  Of course, they do that all year long!  The only thing, that might change, is the spot they choose to snooze the day away.

We DO love our furr-babies and want to give them a good, safe life.  For that reason, you can’t find a better way to keep them safe than an outside cat kennel.  It’s a place to play, climb or sleep in safety.  We have some of the best kennels available.  All are adaptable to your needs and price range.  They can be three sided, attaching to your home with a pet door for entrance or four sided, with a tunnel, leading from a pet door in the wall or a pet door in a window.   Pet doors are available for all types of installation, for doorswallsglass or easily inserted in a window opening. Kennels are available in easy-to-assemble kits.  Check out all of the great, complete kennels available on our site.

Speaking of fun for your cats, Purina recently wrote about games for your pets.  Here are some of their FUN suggestions for your cats:  

By The Petcentric Team

Ping-Pong for Cats

Ping-pong balls are purrfect toys for cats. They’re small and fast, mimicking cats’ prey, and they make plenty of noise as they skitter across the floor. Plus, they’re large enough that there’s little need to worry about your cat swallowing them.

Start by positioning your cat across the room — if she doesn’t mind — then gently flick the ping-pong ball across the floor towards her. Chances are good that she’ll swat it around a bit once she catches it. Some cats will figure out that you’re part of the game, too, and start swatting the ball back in your general direction. This is the closest some cat owners will ever get to a game of fetch!

Patiently pick up the ball when your cat stops playing with it, return to your position, and flick the ball across the floor again. Eventually this may become a two-sided match. It’s certainly a fun, active way to bond with your cat.

The game also works in the bathtub. Remove all toiletries and cleaning products from the area first, make sure the tub is dry, and cover the drain so the ball can’t settle there. Then drop a ping-pong ball right in the tub and watch your cat have a blast chasing and batting the ball around.

Hide and Seek for Cats
This game is all about letting your pet explore and find a hidden toy or treat by scent. First, let your pet sniff what you’re going to hide. Then hide it someplace nearby that’s not too hard to find. Catnip-filled toys work best for cats. If the prize is a treat, you’re all set! If not, you can reward your pet with a treat for finding his or her toy.

Keep hiding things in harder and harder places to find until you or your pet are all tuckered out, then put the toys and treats away. If only you could train your cat to retrieve the toys and put them away himself at the end of the exercise.

Want to take it to the next level with your cat? Bring in the paper bags! Chances are she’ll find the crinkly sound and enclosed space of the bags more interesting than the game itself, but give it a shot. Trying to find a tasty morsel in one of four or five large brown paper bags may just appeal to her natural hunting instincts. Of course you should never use plastic bags or paper bags with handles attached that your cat could choke on or get caught in.

Catnip Bubbles

Dogs may like bubbles, too, but cats are more likely to enjoy this game. Pick up some catnip-scented bubbles formulated especially for cats. Don’t use regular bubble formulas, as the soap residue may irritate your cat’s eyes. Gently blow some bubbles near your cat and see if she doesn’t jump around trying to catch a few.

Don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t jump at the bubbles right away. Some cats would rather watch you blow bubbles all day rather than jump at the bubbles as they float to the ground. Some are more interested in rolling around where the bubbles burst rather than pouncing on them. It all depends on your cat’s personality and activity level.
If your cat does enjoy chasing bubbles, consider taking her bubble fun to the next level by leading your cat through an obstacle course of chairs or toys. Blow a series of bubbles for her as you wind your own way through the course. Just be prepared to ask yourself: Are you training your cat, or has your cat trained you?

Tablet Games for Cats 

People aren’t the only creatures who play games on tablet computers. With a good screen protector, your cat could become a video game superstar playing special tablet games built just for cats. Many have high contrast backgrounds and fun moving objects for your pet to tap (i.e., pounce upon).

There are games for cats featuring mice, bugs, and other critters that she will love pawing at. Most games include sound effects like squeaking or animal noises that will perk your pet right up.

Some of the more popular games for dogs are iSqueak and Pet Acoustics for iPhone and iPad, and My Dog My Room and Lovely Pets for Android — while cats may enjoy Game for Cats and Friskies® Jitter Bug for iPhone and iPad, Crazy Cats and Cat Playground for Android, and Friskies® Cat Fishing 2 which works on both platforms.

Feel like making training into a game for your dog? Check out the Pro Plan® P5 app! It can track your dog’s activity and provides step-by-step training regimens that cover everything from basic training to high-performance feats of athleticism.

Puzzle Toys

Last but not least, puzzle toys offer a fun mental challenge that rewards your pet for his or her problem-solving skills. How far will your pet go to enjoy a tasty treat? Pick up some new puzzle toys and put him or her to the test.

You can find dozens of fun puzzle toys for dogs or cats that range from simple to complex. They come in varieties like small cylinders or balls, and some look like children’s toys with parts your pet must paw or nuzzle out of place to get to those tasty treats.

Whatever games you choose to play with your pet this summer, be sure to keep everyone — including yourself — well hydrated and ready to have a great time!

Hydration is important for all living creatures.  Your pets need plenty of water and it is doubly important in the summer heat.  Please make sure cool water is available for your furr-babies at all times.  A fun way to provide water for your pet is a recirculating water fountain.  A pet fountain keeps the water fresher, filtered and cooler.

Also, featured in a recent Petcentric Newsletter, was this article:

How Can I Keep My Pet Safe in the Summer Heat?

Hot weather is tough enough on humans, but what about our pets? Here are some of the best ways around to keep your pet safe and comfortable when the mercury rises.
The last thing you want on a beautiful summer day is for you or your pet to get sick from becoming overheated. There’s too much to enjoy in the summertime! But it’s not hard to stay cool and keep the good times rolling if you follow these helpful tips.

Never Leave Pets in a Parked Car

With all the tragic stories in the news, this should go without saying — but you should never ever leave your pet in a parked car, not even for a moment. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Cars parked in direct sunlight can reach internal temperatures up to 131° F – 172° F (55° C – 78° C) when outside temperatures are 80° F – 100° F (27° C – 38° C).” Temperatures can rise quickly into the 100° F – 120° F range even with the windows cracked. This is hot enough to cause irreversible organ damage or even death.

Dog houses aren’t safe in hot weather either, because they block air flow and trap the heat inside. If your pet is outside, be sure to keep him or her in the shade when possible, with plenty of water on hand. You can add ice if it’s especially hot out.

Keep Heat Exposure to a Minimum

Avoid exercising with your pet on a hot day, and if you must, at least avoid the midday hours or anytime it seems too hot for yourself. When going for a walk, avoid hot asphalt that can burn your pet’s paws, keep running to a minimum, and bring plenty of cool water with you.

Humidity can make matters worse since pets have a harder time cooling themselves by panting, which can send their internal temperatures dangerously high. Fans aren’t enough either. There are cooling products for pets, such as wraps, pads and vests, but it’s best to keep your pet cool by keeping him or her from overheating in the first place. A cool bath can help dogs who like baths — and the occasional cat who likes to get wet! (They do exist.)

Watch Out for Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a serious hazard for pets on hot days, especially those who are very young or old, or not in good condition. Petfinder recommends watching for the following signs of heatstroke in your pet: excessive panting, salivating, discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation, and seizures.

If you see any of these signs in your pet, move him or her into a cooler environment right away and call your veterinarian. You can use ice packs and give your pet some cool water to alleviate the condition until you get to the veterinarian’s office.  

Summertime is for fun and games, so keep these tips in mind for a safe and happy season.

You can also get 20% off Purina products, the entire month of July, on their website.  
Check it out!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and enjoys it with your pets!


Treat them like the ROYALTY they are!!

Until next time,

Spring, 2015

Spring, 2015


Another winter is in the past.  Many will remember it as the coldest, harshest, snowiest, iciest, but mostly, the longest winter in memory.  Good riddance!!

Now, for spring................the time of year when more kittens are born.  You may soon see more in your neighborhood.  Please take time to call your local no-kill shelters for help and ask if they have a Spay-Neuter-Return program available.  You can help curtail the constant overpopulation of feral cats and still let those, already in your neighborhood, live a more humane life. 

To aid in caring for your pets and outside cats, the ASPCA held a Poison Prevention Twitter Chat, on Wednesday.  Even if you think you know all of the items that are poisonous to curious pets, important information and reminders are available here  
Please read this guide for keeping your pets safe.

Are you considering how long the winter has been for your furr-babies?  They have suffered through the long ordeal, just as you have.   It's time to cure their "winter blues" and get them out in the sunshine!

In order to do that, safely, consider a safe, enclosed "play-yard" for their outdoor excursions. This spring, we are introducing a line of high quality, long lasting, extra large cat kennel enclosures.  These are so attractive, you will be proud to add one to your backyard.  Often called "Catios", these are constructed of high quality redwood frames and long lasting galvanized steel wire. You can request 2" x3" cat wire or 1" x 1" kitten wire.  They are easy assembly because they are assembled at the factory, then disassembled, leaving all screws or connectors in place, ready to reassemble at your home.  Shipped by FedEx Freight, they leave the factory in 5 to 10 business days.  Check out all of the 41 sizes here Available from 8' x 8' to 10' x 16' and in heights of 6', 7' or 8', you will find one suitable for your outdoor space.  Custom sizes are also available, just ask for pricing.

As always, we  also have outdoor cat trees for your patio or "catio". These are available in all wood, rustic cedar or colorful PVC and vinyl, both easy maintenance and long lasting. You can browse our selection here

One of our newest products is the lifelike, indoor "Catmando" Cat Tree.  Constructed to look like a real live tree, it has three conveniently placed perches, hidden inside the leaves, to allow your cats the fun of climbing and the security of hiding, to oversee their surroundings.  It is a full 5 1/2' tall for plenty of room to climb and play or nap.  See it here

We are also pleased to, once again, offer the Cat-Power-Tower, the most unique cat tree on the planet. It is a veritable playground, with a hunt and play toy maze and an interactive, motorized carousel with tempting toys to swat and grab.  It is a real conversation piece and will have your cats talking to it too. Buy the absolute most fun for your cats here

On all of your purchases at, don't forget our Thanks Discounts.  The discount codes, to use at Checkout, are listed on the right hand side of every page.

It has been a disgustingly long winter..............But now, it's time to gear-up for SPRING!  Get out and enjoy the sunshine!  Well........OK, as soon as it comes to your area.  

Until next time................Happy Spring!
( =';'= )
(.|.| |.|.)
Pat Lemmons



B r r r r r r r r r r r r........................................................
This is not my favorite time of year.  I am not alone, cats don't care for cold weather, either.  Very cold surfaces hurt their paws.  They also find wet surfaces very uncomfortable.

This is a particularly dangerous time of year for feral and outside cats.  I want to get the message out and caution everyone of the danger of a cat crawling into your car's engine or other spaces on the underside of your car, trying to find a warm place.  There are ways to warn a cat and allow it to escape being injured.  I bang on the hood and down the side of my car, before I get in.  I also honk the horn several times to warn them, prior to starting the engine.  Please remember to do this, this winter.  You may just save a life!

Please read the recent article posted by the ASPCA in their Newsletter.   

Help keep these cats free from harm.  The results can be deadly.

Special pricing on our Holiday Specials start on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and run through Cyber Monday but most are good through the end of the year.  Don't forget your kitties on Christmas. They are our babies................our Furr-Babies!  
Check Holiday Specials out HERE.  

I believe my furr-babies love me.  Do you believe your pets are capable of love?  Please read nd enjoy this article.

Instead of my usual trivia, here's a great alternate use for kitty litter, in the winter:
(Note that the following suggestion, traditional clay litter - not clumping - is recommended)

Carry cat box filler in the trunk of your car and use it to aid tire traction on icy roads. It can also provide traction and improve safety on sidewalks, steps and driveways. Sprinkle a small amount on the ground before you get out of your car for foot traction in icy conditions. 

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I will soon be sending my Christmas card to wish you a Merry Christmas and a warm and wonderful holiday.

Until then,

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Pat Lemmons

Summer, 2014

Summer, 2014

Remember the song......Summertime, summertime, sum, sum summertime!
Summertime, summertime hot, hot summertime, summerti-i-i-i-ime!
It reminds me, thankfully, winter is over!

South Texas is hot and humid, that's normal.  Texans accept the heat as just part of life.  However, that doesn't keep us from lamenting our 100+ degree temperatures.
My cats can't wait until I open the pet door to their outdoor kennel, each morning, after their breakfast. They so enjoy getting out in the fresh air, in the morning.  However, when the fresh air starts to really heat up, they make a quick retreat into the air conditioned house! That is where they spend their day, napping.  Then, in the late afternoon, as the heat gives way to a cooler breeze, they again seek the fresh air and outdoor wonders of their kennel.  I firmly believe the kennel keeps them from the boredom of indoor confinement.  They know they have another "place" to go.
What can I say?  It's summertime!  Time to provide an outdoor kennel for those little furrballs who inhabit your home.  Time to let them have some fresh air!  And, to go with it, a maintenance-free cat tower for them to climb, play and nap on in the fresh sunshine.  Give it some thought.............for them!
I am happy to report that is now the exclusive retailer of Dianne Woods beautiful feline artwork.  Dianne is entering semi-retirement and will limit her offerings to our website.  She even has some new ones.  
Check all of them out.
I have a new friend, artist Sue Hains, who offers beautiful custom artwork of your pets, from photographs.  She is an amazing artist.  You can see her work here and contact her for a painting of your pet or pets.
Speaking of "art", we now offer T-Shirts and a wide variety of shapes and sizes of bags, with the tantalizing "cat" artwork of French artist, Albena.  The artwork is from France but the products are made in the good old USA. 
 Check these beauties out.  There's nothing like wearing or carrying a beautiful piece of french artwork.

As previously announced, we are now offering a new line of all wood cat trees/condos.  These extremely functional, furniture finish quality cat trees or condos are available in a variety of finishes; Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Semi-Gloss White and Semi-Gloss Black.  There's no carpet to get dirty, making these very easy maintenance and offering your kitties a selection of an open space, up high, or a cozy, safe place to hide.   We all know how cats love to climb AND to hide.  There is also a scratch pad on each level, allowing your cats a place to scratch other than your sofa.
Don't forget...........Come by and leave a review of a product you have purchased, from us, and I will send you a discount code, good for 10% off your next order!  There is no time limit on your discount and no minimum purchase or maximum discount restrictions.  The discount applies to your next purchase, as our way of thanking you for taking the time to submit the review.

MOLLY AND FRIENDS, has expanded their line of premium quality, hand crafted, American made cat furniture.  Come see the old and the new. 

Cat Trivia, Found on the internet:

It’s well known that olive oil offers several health benefits to humans, but your furry roommates can also get in on the goodness. The occasional dash of olive oil added to your pet’s food can help with weight management, circulation, a strong immune system and a shiny coat. Bonus: Olive oil can also help rid your kitty of those embarrassing hacking hairballs.

Both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion.

A cat's brain is more similar to a man's brain than that of a dog.

The cat's clavicle, or collarbone, does not connect with other bones but is buried 
in the muscles of the shoulder region. This lack of a functioning collarbone allows 
them to fit through any opening the size of their head.

Cats have 32 muscles that control the outer ear (compared to human's 6 muscles 
each). A cat can rotate its ears independently 180 degrees, and can turn in the 
direction of sound 10 times faster than those of the best watchdog.

Cats' hearing is much more sensitive than humans and dogs.
Cats' hearing stops at 65 khz (kilohertz); humans' hearing stops at 20 khz.

Cats can judge within 3 inches the precise location of a sound being made 1 yard 

If a cat is frightened, the hair stands up fairly evenly all over the body; when the cat 
is threatened or is ready to attack, the hair stands up only in a narrow band along 
the spine and tail.

Cats dislike citrus scent.  Some people spray a citrus spray on furniture to keep cats off.

A cat's jaw has only up and down motion; it does not have any lateral, side to side motion, 
like dogs and humans.

Did you know, cats lap liquid from the underside of their tongue, not from the top?  If you are unable to see the YouTube video, below, please go to .  I believe you will find this interesting.

A recent customer, a shelter volunteer,  has this on all of her emails:

~Saving the life of one cat may not change the world, but surely, for that one cat, the world will change forever~

As most of you know, I try to share information about new products I find helpful, even if I don't sell them.  I recently purchased a product called "Swipets".  These are gloves you wear to easily remove pet hair from all types of surfaces.  I have found them to be far superior to any method I have tried.  Here is a demo of the product and, believe me, they work precisely as demonstrated.

I recent
Iy read an article by pet behaviorist, Julie C. Bond.  This is the very insightful article, in its entirety.  I think you will find it interesting and, quite possibly, helpful.

I have often heard it said that cat ownership is a lot like chocolate chip cookies--you can never have just one.  While this may be true, it is important for cat owners to realize that many problems can arise from keeping several cats in a household together. 

It is true that cats are social creatures, but the confined nature of our homes is very different from what social living cats experience in the wild.  Feral cats often co-exist in very large, complex social groups.  
These groups are generally made up of related females and their offspring, as well as several unrelated males.  The ability for so many cats to live in relative harmony in the wild is due to the fact that each group has a large home range and each individual has an established territory within that home range.
When we bring cats into our homes, we have to realize that our house and yard basically comprise their home range; home range size may be greater if the cat spends more time outdoors than inside.  In multi-cat households, each individual cat will stake out a territory within this home range.  It just follows then that in a multi-cat household, each individual cat will have a fairly small territory, especially if all of the individuals are living strictly indoors.

So, how many cats are too many?  This is a very difficult question to answer since this depends on the size of the home range, the number of territories available, whether any of the cats are related, and the individual personalities of the cats involved.  In some cases, it only takes the addition of one, unfamiliar cat to completely disrupt a previously peaceful multi-cat household. 

There are steps you can take to increase the chances of successfully introducing a new cat to your household.  First, you will need to determine how your current resident cats define their territories.  Do they share food dishes, water bowls, litter boxes, and resting areas?  Does one cat spend all of his time in your bedroom while the others are content to sleep on the back of the sofa?  Once you have figured out which territories are already in use, you can bring in the new cat and establish a separate territory for him.  This territory should include his own food and water dishes as well as a litter box.  Once the new cat is comfortable in his new territory, then you can begin gradual, and controlled introductions to your other cats.  Reward your cats with food treats if they behave in a curious or friendly manner.  Never directly punish your cats if they are unfriendly to the newcomer.  Instead, allow the newcomer to escape back into the safety of its new territory and try again later.  It may be the case that the new cat will never be accepted into the group.  While this may be difficult for you to understand, you should try to accept the fact and go on as long as full-scale war is not erupting in your home. 

Although many owners believe that fights will be the obvious result of adding a new cat to their household, many are surprised to find that this is not the case.  Other more subtle forms of aggression are more common.  In addition, other behavior problems may arise among your established group of resident cats that seem unrelated to the new feline member of your household.  First, if aggression is seen, it may not be directed toward the new cat.  Instead, it may be directed toward other familiar cats in the house or the owners themselves.  There has been a disruption in the social hierarchy and the confusion that is felt by the resident cats may be expressed in outward aggression.  More commonly, however, owners notice more subtle forms of aggression such as guarding food bowls, blocking access to litter boxes, or "hogging" of favorite resting areas.  Although no direct conflict occurs, it is obvious that there is tension among the resident cats.  Resident cats may begin urine spraying to mark their territories, urinating on upright objects such as stereo speakers, furniture, door jams, or curtains.  If one cat in a multi-cat household is spraying, chances are that others are too.  For example, in a household with 10 resident cats, the chance of an owner seeing spraying at some point is 100%.  Some cats may be even sneakier in their show of aggression.  These individuals will urinate on your bed, in your laundry basket, or on your jacket as a response to social stress.  These are more passive ways of asserting dominance.

So, what can you do if this is happening in your multi-cat household?  First, you will want to enlist the help of your veterinarian.  You need to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with any of your cats.  Cats suffering from stress can develop bladder infections and other medical conditions that may lead to behavioral changes such as inappropriate urination.  Even urine marking may be a sign of a physical problem.  If your veterinarian indicates that your cats are in good health, then you may want to seek the help of a qualified behaviorist who can help you and your cats sort out their new territories and relationships.  There are many techniques that can be used to discourage a cat from spraying or urinating inappropriately.  It is very important to begin working on these techniques immediately before your cats become accustomed to using their alternate toilet areas.  You will also want to clean up any soiled areas well using an enzymatic-style cleaner that not only removes the stain, but also removes the odor, without simply masking the smell.  If you have a cat that is blocking access to the litter box, you will want to add more litter boxes.  Most of the experts on cat behavior believe that you should have two litter boxes in your house per cat!  The same is true if one or more of your cats is monopolizing the food and water bowls.  You can add additional bowls in each cat's individual territory in order to make sure no one is being edged out.  It may even be helpful to allow one or more cats additional time outdoors if your cats are indoor-outdoor.

If you have a happy, peaceful multi-cat household, you may be tempted to add another cat--the more the merrier!  However, the social dynamics of multi-cat households can be very complex and may not be readily evident until you stress the members with the addition of a new individual.  What we all have to remember is this:  while cats can live happily in large groups, this may not directly apply to our household situations.  Our homes are artificial social situations in which we ask our cats to live; home ranges are small and individual territories are even smaller.  It is important for all cat owners to understand normal cat behavior and appreciate the complexity of their social structure in order to better keep the peace in their multi-cat households.

Julie C. Bond, M.S.
Certified Animal Behaviorist
Pet Education & Training Services
Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

I hope you have a wonderful summer.  Keep those outside pets cool and well hydrated.  They'll love you for it!

Until next time...................Keep singing............Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime, Summerti-i-i-i-ime!!

"Warm" regards,

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Pat Lemmons
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The Long Awaited SPRING

From "The winter that never ends" to "Ahhh............Spring!"

Warmer breezes, budding trees, wildflowers and birds, in droves...............all signs that Mother
Nature is alive and well.

Here is a beautiful cat story I want to share: Please don't miss it! 

Happened in Ireland

I have some interesting new friends to whom I would like to introduce you.
Husband and wife team Thom and Jonquil Williams, who help cats and all
types of pet families around the world through just about any difficulty, whether
behavior or health related situations. You see they are both professionally
trained animal communicators &
Animal Reiki healers. They really hold a one to
one conversation with your pets on a gentle, warm, loving level to help with difficult
problems like fighting, spraying, and litter box issues. They can explain family
changes like new pets, babies on the way, upcoming moves, anything you & your
pet may be stressed about can be discussed. Even if things are great, they can deepen
you and your kitty’s relationship by expressing your love like you never have before.
They are one of the few communicators that help find lost pets too. They also do distance
healing with Reiki, which can help cats going through all types of health and other healing
needs. You only have to read a few of the many
beautiful testimonials on
like I did to become more fascinated by how Thom and Jonquil use telepathy and Reiki to
help animals of all types all over the USA and the world, even big cats!


It is time to think about letting your indoor cats outside.  But CAN keep them
safe with an innovative 
outdoor kennel from  From the beautiful
Redwood Framed Kennels to the adaptable Bronze Series Powder Coated Metal Kennels
to the Habitat Kennel Kits with spectacular configurations in ready to assemble kits.  
All are easy to assemble and just waiting to make your kitties outdoor dreams come true!  Don't
forget the easy maintenance 
C Cat Towers or the Rustic Cedar Cat Trees, both perfect for
outdoor living for your cats.


I recently read an article from ASPCA, titled "Talking to Your Kids About Pet Store Puppies".  
With this very serious problem, I believe it is important that our kids know the truth about puppy
mills.  If you have children or grandchildren who could benefit from this knowledge, please read
the article.


Here are 7 Things You Might Not Know About Cats :-()

1. Cats purr without taking a breath. Have you noticed that when your cat starts purring he
doesn't stop to take a breath? That's because cats can purr while both inhaling and exhaling.
They learn that trick when they're only a week old! Young cats purr in a constant monotone,
whereas older cats purr in a couple of resonant tones.

2. Cats can't taste sweetness. The taste buds on a cat's tongue don't detect sweet flavors, 
which is why most cats turn their nose up at pastries and cake. Given the fact that chocolate
can be poisonous to cats — like with dogs — this lack of an affinity for sweets may be a good

3. Cats can't see in the dark, but they see well in low light. Cats can't see in absolute dark any
more than humans can, but they can see much better than we can in very low light levels. This
ability, which lets cats see about six times better than people at night, is due to the construction
of their eyes. Cats' eyes let in more light and have an extra "mirror" layer behind their retina
that amplifies this light.

4. Cats hear ultrasonic sounds. Cats are also able to hear things we humans cannot, including 
the extremely high-pitched noises rodents use to communicate. Your cat can listen in on all
that ultrasonic mice "talk" and use it to track the pesky devils.

5. 81 million American cats! Cats are America's favorite pet, with about 32 percent of U.S. homes
owning at least one cat. That beats out dogs which number about 72 million in the United States.
By the way, most cats and dogs can learn to live with each other in the same home. This is espe-
cially true for pets that were introduced to each other while kittens and puppies.
6. Cat whiskers are used for measuring. When a cat wants to know whether he can fit through a
tight space, he lets his whiskers do the measuring. Whiskers also help cats find their way in the
dark, since they can detect very slight wind currents that flow around pieces of furniture or
through doorways. For this and humane reasons, you should never cut your cat's whiskers.
7. Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door. Maybe he was so busy discovering gravity that he
got tired of opening the door for his cat, but it's true — the famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton,
the very first cat flap door. Pretty good for a day's work, huh? 

If you can't give your kitties the safe outdoor life, consider making their indoor experience as
friendly and fun as you can, with the huge variety of Wall Mounted Cat Furniture.  No longer do
they have to be confined to a cat tree in the corner.  Now they can roam the house the way they
prefer, high above any dangers or boredom of the normal kitty furniture.  They will enjoy a new
found freedom!  


I recently read a report in "Pawnation" about cat bites.  I think you will find it very interesting
and a must read for all cat owners.  You can access it here:


I highly recommend the latest blog post by my friend, Pam, from "Way of Cats". You can read it here

In this post, she explores our cat's empathy.  Also, within the post are links to other blog posts,
revealing cat traits for a better understanding of our fur-babies.  Pam is very "tuned in" to the
idiosyncries, of cats, that allow us to better relate to our pets


Found on the internet:

Thought of as sacred in ancient times, the domestic cat was the only animal allowed to roam
freely In Roman Temples.

Julius Caesar, Henry II & Napoleon all had a fear of cats & would nearly faint in the presence 
of a cat.

Cats have scent glands in their paw pads, cheeks & tail, all sending information to other cats.
a lot of ways to "mark" territory!)
In Japan, there's a myth that cats have the power to turn into super spirits when they die.
Cats can’t climb head-first down a tree because every claw on a cat’s paw points the same way.
(easy up, not so easy down!)
When it comes to sense of smell, cats have us beat big time... with over 200 million scent receptors
vs. our measly 5 million
Cats are great survivors & instinctively look for water away from their food, which they think is
cleaner & safer to drink.
Cats & humans have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion (maybe that's why we
love em so much!)
When cats draw in scent by curling back their lips in a teeth baring "grin"... it's called the
"flehmen response".
I have a favor to ask of past customers.  Please go to the website, find the product(s) you
purchased and leave a review.  Reviews are very helpful to visitors on any site.  After you
leave the review, I will email a code good for 10% off your next purchase.

Try to make the Spring as enjoyable for you fur-babies as it is for you!  

Until next time,  
Happy Spring.............Enjoy!
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Pat Lemmons
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Winter  2013

Winter 2013

Winter Wonderland?

We're past Thanksgiving and  Black Friday and closing in on the Christmas season.  Winter Wonderland?  
I guess for some, if you like snow, sleet and  cold wind.  It is too soon for me and even though it isn't that cold
in South Texas, by most standards, It is plenty cold enough for me!

It isn't Christmas yet but I feel like a little girl at Christmas.  I've recently met and partnered with a
wonderful artist named Dianne Woods.  Dianne lives in Berkeley, California and graces the art
world with her beautiful images of cats, framed by her fantastic floral visions.  What could be more
Christmasy than this, her work titled "Christmas Eve"?

You can see more of her fantastic Art for Cat Lovers here
The selection of signed prints, in two different sizes, or her boxed set of 8 note cards, suitable for
framing, will make a thoughtful gift for any cat lover.  You can also see all of her collections
As a reminder for the holiday season, I would like to include a List of Plants that are toxic to cats.

1. Autumn Crocus
2. Azalea
3.  Daffodil
4.  Dieffenbachia
5.  Tulip
6.  Kalanchoe
7.  Lily
8.  Sago Palm
9.  Oleander
10. Cyclamen
11. Poinsettia
Very common, at Christmas, are all sorts of lilies,  like Amaryllis,  and the most common Christmas
plant, Poinsettia.  If you have cats, you should do everything possible to keep their curiosity at bay
around these plants.  Some can make your pet very ill and too much can be fatal.

Also, of importance around the holidays is to be sure you know the people foods that can make your
cat ill. Please review this handy blog for 15 of the people foods you should keep out of reach of your cats

Another interesting read can be found on my favorite blog

Of course, I have to share the cat facts and myths I found on the internet, recently:
Of all white cats, 20% with non-blue eyes are deaf, 40% with one blue eye are deaf & 75% with both
eyes blue are deaf.
In cat body language:
tail up = greeting
slow blink = relaxed 
flattened ears = frightened

Cat ears are amazing... they have 32 muscles, are critical to their balance & can hear higher & lower
pitches better than dogs.

Over half of all people with cats (52 %) say at least one of their current cats was a stray
Cats are very agile and have an amazing sense of balance, but they DON'T always land on their feet.
(it's a myth)
Domestic cats come from Felis Silvestris Lybica, aka the African Wildcat of 10,000 years ago, from the
Near East & Africa.
A change in litter box habits, eating habits and vocal habits are all signs your cat may be sick
(and worth checking out!)
The average life span of a cat is now 12 years old, 10% higher than 10 years ago.
Cat paws have sweat glands, Leave a scent only cats can smell & are highly sensitive to temperature
Cat owners are 40% less likely to have heart attacks than non-cat owners! (yet another reason to
adopt a cat!)
A cat needs to consume more than twice the amount of protein (pound for pound) than a dog or human.
Cats have a LOT of hair... approximately 130,000 hairs per square inch! (clothes & furniture don't
stand a chance!)

A group of cats is called a clowder, a group of kittens is a kindle and a group of lions is called a pride.

I would like to touch on a few of the most recent additions to the website. All will make purr-fect
additions to your home and brighten your kitty's life:

Cat trees with easy maintenance and colorful appearance, made of high quality PVC and 40 ounce vinyl.
You can see them here
A gift for yourself.  Ever wonder what your cat does when you're not home or when it is exploring
outside, without you?  The new "Eynimal" is high tech for your pet.  Weighing only 1.2 ounces and giving
you up to 2 hours of recorded adventures, you can share in your cats day.  See the video here   $10 lower than most competitors

Another line of products to grace your walls are our new offerings of "Wall Mounted Cat Shelves". 
Be sure to see the new versions here
As always, I've added several new products, in other categories, AND Gift Cards.  Please be sure
to check us out at

Check out some of our specials good through December 31st!

The Purrsilla Cat Tree
The Alexa Corner Cat Tree

I hope you have a safe and beautiful winter and Holiday Season.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, to you and yours, from me and my "Clowder".  ;-)

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Pat Lemmons


Fall 2013 High Tech for Your Cat

Fall 2013 High Tech for Your Cat

You know how inquisitive (aka nosey) your cat is.  You can't hide anything from them unless it is behind a tightly closed door.  Even then, I have a cat who opens cabinet doors and one who joins me in the bathroom each time I don't get the door closed well enough.
You know they have inspected every nook and cranny of your home, that isn't closed off from them.  Wouldn't you love to see where all they go when you are asleep or not at home?  Well, now you can.
Check out the 
EYENIMAL Pet Cam.  It weighs just 1.2 ounces and clips on your pet's collar.  They won't even notice it is there and you will get a real glimpse of what your pet sees and does, when no one is watching.

And, if that isn't enough high tech for you and your cat, check out SnapCat.  This app, for your smart phone, entices your cat to play and lets your cat take his/her own picture, "Selfies", even if you are not around; no photographer required.   ;-)

Then there are some "not so high-tech" solutions that might help you:

1)  Seeing cats outside your home?
      Get the facts on feral cats and learn the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return at

2)  Should you take that cat to a shelter"
      No! To discover why, see and

3)  Cats in your garden?  Kittens in the woodpile?
      Find safe solutions in "How to live with cats in your neighborhood" at

4)  Wish you could help to end the killing of cats & kittens in pounds?
      You can.........Join us.......Get the facts.........Spread the word.


Musings from the internet:

Cat allergies are usually the result of the Fel d 1 glycoprotein, which is present in cat saliva and skin. Yuck!
The majority of cats... domestic, cougar, panther, etc., are unable to taste sweetness due to a mutated gene in their taste buds.

The first Siamese cat brought to the U.S. was named "Siam" and was a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes, in 1878. 

The earliest direct evidence of cat domestication is a kitten that was buried alongside a human 9,500 years ago in Cyprus.

Ancient Egypt worshiped cats. Queen Cleopatra even modeled her glamorous eye makeup after the faces of her cats.

Unlike humans or dogs, cats don't have a true collarbone and can fit through any opening the size of their head or larger. 
Cats can become infected with West Nile Virus, but it doesn't harm them like it does humans... and you can't get the virus from cats.

Cats come back to full alertness from the sleep state faster than any other creature. (they get lots of practice!)

Cats see better in low light but in less detail than humans, and their pupils are vertical - and quite stunning

Cats don't like the smell of citrus - grapefruit, orange & especially lemon... so it can work well to keep them from scratching furniture.  You might try a citrus scented air freshener for your furniture.  The house will smell fresh and your cats won't want to lay on your sofa all day.

Amazingly, cats have over 100 different vocal sounds (dogs have about 10). All the more ways to tell you what they need!

Ed Lowe created the first cat litter, called "Kitty Litter", in 1948. Before this, ash and sand were used - with less than good results!

Swiss engineers have created a four-legged machine that mimics the stride of cats.  It is built to be nimble.

Developed by robotics researchers at Switzerland's École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL), the small, housecat-sized machine isn't that fast; its top speed is just 3.1 mph. But the robo-feline's creators think they can ratchet up its speed to somewhere around the 40 mph mark, making it ideal for traversing rough terrain and conducting search-and-rescue missions. (Once they take it off its tether, at least.)

Like Boston Dynamics' much larger robo-cheetah before it, our kitty here is "based on the meticulous observation and faithful reproduction of the feline leg,".

"This morphology gives the robot the mechanical properties from which cats benefit," explains EPFL's Alexander Sproewitz, "that's to say a marked running ability and elasticity in the right spots, to ensure stability. The robot is thus naturally more autonomous."

The next step, presumably, is to program it to ignore you.  ;-)


In case you misssed this story, see what traing can do for cats    

If you are brave enough to bathe your cat, this article from may be helpful.


It has been a really hot summer but it is coming to a close.  As fall and winter approach, many of you will be thinking about shelter for an outside cat.  

We have many solutions here OUTDOOR CAT HOUSES and don't forget to take advantage of our "Thanks" discount codes.

We have also added a number of manufacturers who proudly make their cat trees in the U.S.  American made pet products are not easy to find, these days.  These products offer a quality not found in the Chinese versions.  CAT TREES MADE IN AMERICA

The newest in our American made cat trees is a line of attractive PVC & VINYL CAT TREES, offering quality as well as easy maintenance. These make a great alternative for catteries or cat shelters.  They also make one of the best outdoor cat trees.  I plan to get two for my outdoor cat kennel.  They will withstand the summer heat and other adverse weather Mother Nature may send our way.

My goal is to be as good a person as my cat thinks I am.

Until next time, I hope your fall is a wonderful, fulfilling time for you and your fine feline friends!


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Summer, 2013 Cat Days of Summer

Summer, 2013 Cat Days of Summer


 Well, we are in the Cat Days of Summer.  That's when cats realize there is air conditioning in the house.  They are now more likely to spend their many hours of nap time in the "cool".  They are less likely to insist on going outside, at least until the cooler evening hours. 
If they do insist on napping where it is warmer, there are new products that offer a cooling mechanism for them, They have been used for dogs for some time but they can still be perfect for cats.  Here are two of the innovative cooling pads for pets  and 

As always, here are my offerings of information and musings found on the internet, for your amusement:

A 15 year-old cat will have spent 10 years of her life sleeping. (averaging 16 hours per day!)

Chinese legend says a cat comes from a lioness & a monkey - getting dignity from the lioness & curiosity from the monkey.
 A cat's reflexes are quicker than a dogs, cats hunt alone, whereas dogs hunt in packs and cats are crepuscular and dogs aren't. (most active at dawn & dusk).
A cat's curved claws work well for climbing up a tree, but not down - and it has to rely on its weaker, front legs to hold its weight.
The Italian version of Cinderella (Cenerentola), was one of the earliest published & the fairy godmother figure was a cat.
The hormone Oxytocin is released when you pet or cuddle a cat... lowering heart rate, reducing stress & even helping wounds heal!

Chef & author, Julia Child said, "love, butter & the company of cats is the recipe for a good life". (sounds like a good life indeed)
 A "pas de chat" (French for "step of the cat") is a ballet move - a light jump, hovering in the air and landing softly... like a cat!

On a serious note, we are all concerned with the safety of our pet's food and treats.  Here is the "Barcode" information, recently posted on the internet to help you discern where your pet's food, treats and toys are manufactured.  Of course, this applies to other items as well.  

With all the food and pet products now coming from China, it is best to make sure you read label at the grocery store and especially Walmart when buying food products.

Many products no longer show where they were made, only give where the distributor is located.
It is important to read the bar code to track it's origin.

How to read Bar Codes .... Interesting!

This may be useful to know when grocery shopping, if it's a concern to you.

The whole world is concerned about China-made goods, especially food products.  Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or China ?

If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN CHINA.

471 is Made in Taiwan . 

This is our right to know, but the government and related departments never educate the Public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves.

Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products "MADE IN CHINA ", so they don't show from which country it is made. 

However, you may now refer to the barcode - remember if the first 3 digits are:

690-692 ...  MADE IN CHINA
00 - 09   ...  USA & CANADA
30 - 37   ...  FRANCE
40 - 44   ...  GERMANY
471        ...  Taiwan
49          ...  JAPAN
50          ...  UK

BUY USA & CANADIAN MADE by watching for "0" at the beginning of the number.
We need every boost we can get! 

If you're not "clicking" on the Pet Rescue site everyday, you should be.  Then you won't miss important petitions you need to sign to try to keep our governmental agencies on their toes. 
 Here is a related petition to curtail pet food made in China:

Here's another to help stop, or at least better regulate, puppy mills:

Lastly, please visit this website  Read it and "share" it on your Facebook page and with other humane minded people you know.

Don't forget to check out all the new items for that fabulous feline companion of yours!  We're adding exciting new products almost daily.  Come see at 

Till next time, remember, 

No man would ever have a bad day,
if he'd start the day watching two kittens play. 

Warm regards,

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Pat Lemmons

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Spring 2013

Spring 2013

SPRING has sprung!  The trees are leafing, the grass is spreading, the birds are singing, what a beautiful time of year!  Except for allergies, of course.
Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings.  Sadly, I am embarking on one journey on which  I am not eager to go.  My husband became gravely ill in December and passed away in February.  The world, as big as it is, can be a lonely place.
I was not able to send my usual Winter Newsletter but hope this one is helpful and not so lengthy that you cannot read it.
In my quest to offer my readers items of interest and of benefit, I would like to pass along a few things I received or read over the last months.  One of the most critical is this news release from  
It’s beyond unconscionable.
A high-ranking representative of the National Audubon Society just published a major newspaper editorial calling on the public to kill millions of cats by poisoning them with Tylenol.
In the Orlando Sentinel, Ted Williams, editor-at-large for Audubon Magazine, advised readers that Tylenol is “a completely selective feral-cat poison.” This isn’t just cruel and irresponsible, but also illegal and sickening. Poisoning is a slow and cruel death for cats. It’s just disgusting to think that anyone from a national animal advocacy organization could advocate poisoning cats. Reckless doesn’t even cover it. It’s a dangerous new low.
We have to respond immediately.
Please join Alley Cat Allies and send an email directly to the National Audubon Society CEO David Yarnold and Chairman B. Holt Thrasher calling on them to denounce this shameful, hateful article. Mr. Williams must be removed from his office immediately.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to respond to something like this. In 2011, Nico Dauphine, a Smithsonian Institution bird researcher was fired for attempting to poison feral cats outside her apartment building. She was convicted of attempted animal cruelty. A spotlight was shined on Dauphine’s incorrigible behavior because Alley Cat Allies and our supporters demanded it.

The law doesn’t equivocate: killing a cat is a criminal offense in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Ted Williams used a major media platform to call for cats to be illegally and torturously killed. It cannot be excused.

Click for 


Now, information for you, the furrbaby parent.
In 2012, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) in Urbana, Illinois, handled more than 180,000 cases about pets exposed to possibly poisonous substances. Topping the toxins list for the fifth year in a row are prescription human medications.
1. Prescription Human Medications
The APCC handled 25,000 cases regarding human prescription medications in 2012. The top three types of medications that animals were exposed to include: heart medications (blood pressure pills), antidepressants and pain medications (opioids and prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Many of these exposures were due to people dropping their medication when preparing to take it, and before they knew it, Fido had gobbled the pill off the floor.
2. Insecticides 
Insecticides are used in the yard, home and on our animals. While only 11% of all calls to the APCC are about insecticides, over 50% of the calls to the APCC involving cats pertain to felines exposed to insecticides. Always read the label before using any insecticide on your pet, in your home or in your yard.
3. Over-the-Counter Human Medications 
More than 18,000 cases that the APCC fielded in 2012 regarded over-the-counter human products. This group contains acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen as well as herbal and nutraceutical products (fish oil, joint supplements). Many of these products are tasty to pets, and some can be life threatening if ingested.
4. Veterinary Products and Medications
Veterinary products made up nearly 6% of the APCC’s case volume for 2012. Both OTC and prescription veterinary products are included in this group. Flavored tablets make it easy to give your pet pain or joint medication, but it also makes it more likely for them to ingest the entire bottle if given the chance.
5. Household Products 
There were more than 10,000 calls to the APCC about household products in 2012. Household toxins can range from fire logs to cleaning products. Some items can be corrosive, while other can cause obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract requiring surgical intervention.
6. People Food
More than 5% of our cases in 2012 were related to the ingestion of people food. One particularly common food accidentally ingested by pets is xylitol (the sugar substitute). Xylitol can cause seizures and liver failure in dogs.
7. Chocolate Chocolate is still the number one people food that pets ingest (we received over 8,500 calls last year). Too much chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, high heart rate and seizures.
8. Plants
More than 7,000 cases in 2012 were pet parents calling about their animals eating plants. This is one category that cats lead dogs in the number of exposures. Lilies can cause kidney failure and death in cats. Please see our list of 
toxic/non-toxic plants for more information
9. Rodenticides
When putting out baits to kill mice and rats, never underestimate the resourcefulness of your pet. Nearly 4% of calls to the APCC in 2012 were related to baits. Depending on the type of rodenticide, ingestion can cause internal bleeding, kidney failure or seizures.
10. Lawn and Garden Products
Fertilizers, which can be made of dried blood, poultry manure and bone meal, are very attractive to pets, so it is not surprising that we get many calls (almost 3,600 in 2012) on lawn and garden items.
If you have any reason to suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please contact your veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at (888) 426-4435

What’s a Food Puzzle?
Cats are safer indoors without dealing with the risks of getting outside. However, there is much to explore out side and it is a big challenge to provide enough “environmental enrichment” inside to keep them stimulated and prevent problems that may arise out of boredom. Cats are intelligent animals with instincts for the mental and physical challenge of catching their meal. When we offer their food exclusively in a bowl, they miss out on this natural creative exercise -in short, we make it too easy for them.
Make a food puzzle for your cat! There are many options, but the basic goal is to create a challenge your cat must solve before he can eat. Here are three things you can make with a similar theme, each in increasing difficulty.
Small amounts of dry food are hidden inside each one.

Easy: With an exacto knife, cut a hole in a tennis ball. Most cats will play with a ball and quickly realize that food falls out when it is rolled.

Intermediate: Take a paper towel or toilet paper tube and cover the ends with juice caps or milk caps. Cut holes in the sides for pieces to fall out when rolled. If the caps are not glued on, some will quickly figure out how to take one off and empty the tube from the end. Some cats will just tap the tube while others will tear it completely open.

Difficult: Easy for you, but tricky for your cat: a cardboard egg carton is ready to go if it already has holes as pictured. Make it a little easier for your cat by enlarging the holes.

Advanced: Use a small box (4” cube is shown) and cut small holes. Since it does not roll, this will challenge cats more to turn or flip it to get pieces out.

You will find that the hole size should be about 3-4 times the size of kibble so that pieces come out easily without pouring out. Other variations include hiding the food puzzle itself or putting in where they have to climb to reach it. For beginner cats, putting a few pieces in a paper cup that they need to knock over can be a good start. With time, you will find that you need to be more and more creative to offer a decent challenge for your cat.

All cats should be fed canned food for at least half of their diet, but since it will spoil when left out, it will not work well for most puzzles. Food puzzles are a great activity when you are away for an extended period. Be sure to vary the exercise as much as you can, and ask yourself, “How can I challenge my cat today?

An article recently published by


Now, a few items of interest, found on the internet:
 Although cats have superior night vision, they can NOT see in total darkness... just a myth
 Grapes & raisins, Onions & garlic, vodka & chocolate... they're all poisonous to cats!
 Hairballs (of course) is the #1 reason why cats vomit & eating too fast is #2.
 Cats grooming each other, rubbing against each other & cuddling creates a "group scent", which is key to getting along!
 President Abraham Lincoln was a big cat lover & his son's cat, Tabby, was the first to live at the White House.
 Springing up in London, Ontario, Vienna... Cat Cafés sell coffee, tea, pastries, books AND are full of cats!
Cats use their whiskers as "feelers" to determine if they can fit through a space, judging the precise width.  And, they can slip their entire body through any opening their head can fit through.
Cats have scent glands in their paw pads, cheeks & tail, all sending information to other cats. (a lot of ways to "mark" territory!)

Check out our "SPECIAL" on Kittywalk System products here: 

Also, if you have a new kitten to "potty train" or a cat who sometimes strays from the litter box, check out the new product, Litter Getter. 

I sincerely hope you found some of this helpful, interesting and insightful.  For more assistance with questions you may have, regarding your cat(s). please visit my favorite "cat whisperer" at

Until next time, take care of those precious "furrbabies".  Yes, that is a new "recognized" word.
My love to you and your furrbabies!

( =';'= )
(.|.| |.|.)

Pat Lemmons
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It’s September again and as it usually does, the weather is starting to cool off, if you can consider 92 to 96 degrees “cooling off”.  Actually, in South Texas, that is “cooling off”.  We’re all ready for some cooler weather and praying for rain.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the people in the path of hurricane Isaac who received way too much rain.  It seems it is always “feast or famine” these days, when it comes to rain.
My cats don’t like the rain when they are in their outdoor kennel.  They also won’t go out when it is so hot.  So, without really knowing it, I’m sure they are ready for cooler weather.  A cat’s paws are super sensitive to hot or cold surfaces, so they naturally enjoy moderate temperatures.

A few of the interesting observations, facts and a myth I found on the internet this summer:
Kittens learn how to hunt (and what to hunt) from their mothers... beginning as early as 4 weeks.
Cats purr at about 26 cycles per second - the same frequency as an idling diesel engine. prrr, prrr, prrr...
Since 1930, the life expectancy of a cat has doubled from 8 to 16 years! (all the more time to enjoy them!).
A 15 year-old cat will have spent 10 years of his/her life sleeping. (averaging 16 hours per day!)
A cat's paws are the most sensitive part of their body... countless nerves within the pads detect pressure, temperature, and pain.
In Ancient Egypt, it was thought that the sun's rays were kept in a cat's eyes at night for safe keeping.
A French study just released, shows that getting a cat helps children with autism to develop social skills.
In Liege, Belgium in 1879, 37 cats were hired to carry & deliver the mail. A short lived experiment as the cats didn't cooperate! (surprise!)
Bad breath, excessive drooling and reluctance to eat are all signs your cat may have dental disease.

The single, most alarming statement was this one: 
 The top ten reasons to spay/neuter your pet were killed in a shelter yesterday. Sad but True!
Please spay/neuter your pets, even the little neighborhood (feral) cats, when you can.  Many organizations have Trap/Spay-Neuter/Return programs, for feral cat colonies,  that are sponsored by great companies like Petco who give non-profit SPCA’s and Humane Societies grants for these programs.  The spay-neuter is free & the cat also gets a rabies shot.  Usually, there are volunteers in the organizations that will assist you in trapping and transporting them to the veterinarian.  Check for one of these programs in your city or county.
There have been a lot of pet food recalls and some warnings about products not made in the U.S. that may have concerned you.  It concerned me, so, I wrote to the major manufacturers in our country just to see which products were made here in the U.S.  I feel better knowing I am giving my pets food and treats that are safe for them. 
Following are the responses I received from the three major manufacturers and distributors of pet food products in the U.S.:

Thank you for contacting Nestlé Purina PetCare Company.
We appreciate the opportunity to address your questions and concerns. It's important to emphasize that 99.4 percent of Purina products in the United States are manufactured in Purina-owned facilities by Purina associates.  If a product is manufactured outside the United States, it would be noted on the package as 'product of' and the country in which it was manufactured.  Similarly, if a product is not manufactured by Purina, the label on the package will reflect that the product is distributed, not manufactured, by Purina.

Pup-Peroni, along with the majority of Del Monte Pet Products, are produced at our pet food facilities here in the United States.

It may be helpful for you to know that Federal regulations require a product to list the country of origin if it has been produced outside of the United States or one of its territories. So if one of our products does not specifically state the country of origin, then you can assume it was produced in the United States or a U.S. territory. Regardless of the country of origin, please know that Del Monte Foods' strict U.S. quality and operations standards apply to all of our products.

Thank you for contacting MARS PETCARE US. Mars Petcare US manufactures all of its products in the United States and Canada, with the exception of WHISKAS® PURRFECTLY® Food for Cats manufactured in Thailand.

MARS PETCARE US is committed to developing quality products which meet your pet's nutritional needs.  Your confidence in our products and continued goodwill are very important to us. Please give us a call at 1-800-525-5273, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central Standard time if you would like additional information.

If you have had any contact with other pet food products manufacturers you would like to share, I would welcome your information.
I can’t leave without telling you about some really unique new cat products we have recently added to the site.  I am excited about all of them.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.
First, The Sebastion Cat Tree  and the Sofia Wall Mount Cat Furniture  These are examples of the next generation Cat Furniture, with true style to compliment your home!
Second, is one of the most unique cat trees to hit the market, the Cat Power Tower:  Be sure to watch the video!
This cat tree combines terrific toys with the usual fun of climbing, jumping and scratching.  It includes the Hunting Platform and the Feather Teaser Carousel.  More options and add-ons are coming in the next several months.
Lastly, is the Cat’s Trapeze, previously only available in Europe.  This is style, at its finest!  It offers a unique, suspended design.
Check these out to see what is new for your furrbabies.
Please email me with any comments, questions or things you would like to share.  As always, I welcome your product reviews and pictures of your babies in, on or peeking out of the products you purchased on our site.  We lovingly post these on the product page to show our “contented” customers.   A picture is worth a thousand words!
Until next time, take care of those special little creatures and I will write you again this winter.
Warm regards,
Pat Lemmons

Spring is here!!!  Yeaaaaaaa!!!  I live in sunny South Texas where the Winter Texans come to escape the winter cold.  This winter has been particularly mild and not one Winter Texan appreciates it more than I do.  This has been my kind of winter!  Spring brings all of the wonderful hues of greens, as the trees leaf out and the grass comes alive and, of course the weeds thrive.  :-(  I cannot imagine living through even one winter where I was confined to the house by snow, ice or any of those terrible things.  Now, you can laugh at me, if you like.  A lot of you, I know, love your snow and cold weather, and I’m thrilled for you, but sufficed to say, I am not one of you. 
I love mild weather when I don’t have to worry about the “neighborhood” cats freezing or getting sick with respiratory infections.  I can’t seem to trap them for medical treatment and it makes me feel so helpless!  All I can do is feed them.
*  Cats don't chew their food, they tear it.  They can't chew because their jaws don't move side to side, only up and down.
*  Cats can have up to 30,000 hairs per square inch, on their body.
*  Most cats can jump five times their height.
*  The Savannah can jump up to 7 feet in the air - higher than any other breed.
*  Cats can pass through any opening their head can fit through, because they have no collarbone.
*  Chinese parents used to embroider a cat's head on shoes of their young toddlers to make them surefooted. (like a cat)

*  Cats have scent glands in their paw pads, cheeks & tail, all sending information to other cats. (a lot of ways to "mark" territory!)
*  Based on the agitated behavior of cats, Haicheng, China was evacuated before a big earthquake - saving an estimated 150,000 lives!
*  "Dogs come when they are called; cats take a message and get back to you" Author Mary Bly

*  Prescription human medications poison more pets than anything else. (Insecticides #2, Chocolate #3... keep out of reach!)
Those are just some tidbits, for thought.  If you have some to share, please send them to me here:


Write this down and post it on your fridge:

Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at (888) 426-4435


We’ve added a “Write a review” on each product page.  I invite all previous customers to return and write a review of the product you purchased.  We hope you are still happy with them but please share your thoughts.

For the best expert advice on your cats, please visit the site   You will find a wealth of information given by a compassionate, long time cat lady.  She probably understands the nature of cats more than anyone I know.  If you think you talk to your cats, wait until you hear her conversations!

From an old Newsletter:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
The king-size bed is soft and deep...
I sleep right in the center groove
My human can not hardly move!
I've trapped her legs, she's tucked in tight
And here is where I pass the night
No one disturbs me or dares intrude
Till morning comes and "I want food!"
I sneak up slowly to begin
my nibbles on my human's chin.
She wakes up quickly,
my claws they are prickly
For the morning's here
and it's time to play
I always seem to get my way.
Oh thank you Lord for this day.
And thank you Lord for giving me
This human person that I see.
The one who hugs me and holds me tight
And sacrifices her bed at night!

From our "ABOUT US" page:
The impetus for came from a love for cats and the enjoyment of spoiling cats.  From the first little kitten that showed up on our doorstep to the last older stray we took in, it is a real joy to see a cat play with a cat toy when he spent the first 2 or 3 years of his life just trying to find enough food to survive or a warm place to stay in the winter cold and didn’t know cat toys with bells or ribbons even existed.  It is beautiful seeing him/her, discovering “play”.
So, now, if you share my love of cats, come see all the ways you can spoil your kitty at  We know all of you feel the same.
SPRING SALE!!  The Smart Scoop Litter box for $119.99, a $30 savings through April 30th.!

Also, don't forget you can give your kitties the outdoor safety of an outdoor cat kennel and save 5% to 10% while you are doing it!
We are constantly adding new products and hope each of you will think of us when you want something special for your kitties.
A THOUGHT TO REMEMBER:  Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. 
Until next time……Have a Purrfect day!

Pat Lemmons

Well, it’s midwinter in the country and much of our nation is receiving more winter like weather. However, in South Texas where we reside, it is still mild with temps in the 70’s and even 80’s. We have had a few freezing temps but it generally warms right back up. I hope your weather is comfortable.
 The winner in our drawing for the collection of Cosmic Catnip Toys is Gay Noland of Florida.
The winner in our drawing for the Outer Limits small cat tree is Laura Crosby of Massachesetts.
I found the following in the current Alley Cat Allies Newsletter and wanted to share it with anyone interested in helping the cats in their neighborhood.  I plan to register and hope many of you will also.
Free Webinar on Keeping Cats Out of Shelters
Seven out of 10 cats entering shelters nationwide are killed. Learn from feral cat expert and Alley Cat Allies scientific advisor Julie Levy, DVM about what you can do to change those numbers and protect cats’ lives in your community with the free webinar, Shelter Crowd Control: Keeping Community Cats Out of Shelters, from Maddie's Institute. Tune in on Thursday, January 26 at 9 p.m. ET to hear about techniques to keep cats out of shelters and institute humane, successful TNR programs instead. 
Register for free here.
We are once again offerring free shipping on orders of 50 or more of our cute Cat Themed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Nightshirts but only through January 31, 2012.  Check out our "T-Shirts with Catitude here:
ALSO, look for our "THANK YOU" discounts.  On orders over $100, use Code Thanks5 for $5.00 off.  On orders over $200, use Code Thanks10 for $10 off.   On orders over $300, use Code Thanks20 for $20 off.  On orders over $400, use Code Thanks30 for $30 off.  And, for orders over $500, use Code Thanks40 for $40 off.  It's our way of saying THANK YOU for shopping at has added some new products we are pleased to offer. The first is a beautiful piece of furniture in which you can hide your cat’s litterbox.  This is the Designer Catbox, made of wood in three finishes and a great addition to any room:
Another item is the economical Petmate Kennel Cab pet carrier in four sizes:  There are lots of new offerings on the website, so, please be sure to check us out often.
Have you ever wondered how many cats are TOO MANY?  Here is a recent article I wrote and posted on the internet. I hope you enjoy it.
How Many Cats is Too Many?
I love the notion that “cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one”. From the playful kitten, which is the epitome of ”cute”, to the adult cat, that is the ultimate in beauty, prowess and “cool”.  How many you have depends on several factors.
How many can you afford to feed? 
You need to provide well rounded nutrition for proper development of your cats growth.  This needs to include a canned food at least once a day, which also provides moisture. This is especially important if your cat does not drink a substantial amount of water each day. For your own convenience, you might want to make dry food available for when you can’t be there to provide a regular feeding. Don’t forget the cat treats, for good behavior rewards, which will surely endear your cat to you! Make sure your budget can withstand the cost.
How many can you provide good medical care? 
Hopefully, you won’t have any extraordinary medical bills due to injury or illness, although this cannot be guaranteed. However, there will be an annual expense of vaccinations to keep your kitty healthy. These are normally in the range of $100 per cat, depending on the type your veterinarian recommends.
How many can comfortably fit in your home size? 
 I have read estimates of 1000 square feet per cat, although I don’t believe that is necessarily required. More important is how well your cats get along. Two could be too many in a large house if they don’t like each other. While five could fit well into a smaller home if all were good natured or at least not antagonistic toward each other. The more room the better for those who like to roughhouse. Better yet, provide them with an outdoor enclosure to give them a space of their own and some fresh air.
How many can you provide with toys, cat trees, litter boxes, etc? 
A litter box is required! I have seen different opinions of how many you should have with multiple cats. One opinion was one per cat, plus one. Another was one for every two cats. It’s difficult to keep up with all of them and their bathroom habits. I, personally, subscribe to the latter and find an automatic litter box works best in a multiple cat household. These generally cost in the neighborhood of $100 each but can run much higher. All cats need places to climb and one cat tree, strategically placed by a window will bring great satisfaction to one cat or maybe two. If you have multiple cats, you might want to consider two cat condos/trees to provide them plenty of room to nap and play and a view of the outside world for all of them. These can cost, depending on size, quality, etc, anywhere from $50 to $1,000. I really don’t think the cats care how much it cost, as long as it is theirs. Now having it fit in with your home décor is another consideration, entirely. There are some very colorful ones in the marketplace and surely one will look nice in your home. Other toys to keep them occupied are relatively inexpensive and should include things they can slap around and chase, like catnip scented play mice, small balls and anything with bells.
How many can you guarantee safety and shelter? 
Safety would entail keeping them inside, away from the dangers of cars, poisons, fights with other cats or attacks by other animals, the cruelty of others and keeping them safe by training young children in the proper way to handle them. You have to gauge the size of your home, the size of your wallet, but most important, the size of your heart. Then, you’re good to go and take it from someone who knows, the more the merrier!!
May you and your beloved pets have a safe and happy 2012!
Pat Lemmons


In some parts of our country, the leaves are turning brilliant hues of red and orange and the temperatures are finally cooling down.

In areas like Florida, Texas and the gulf coast states, it is just finally cooling down.  We don’t have the beautiful show of fall the rest of the country has but we are thankful for the cooler weather, even if that only means highs in the 80’s.  That is certainly better than the 90’s and even 100’s we have had for almost six months!  See?  We all have something to be thankful for! 

I can’t believe the early snowfall in the northeast.  We sure hope power is restored to everyone, soon.

One of the local shelters we donate to has a new website up and running, and are close to being able to get their utilities and have their first building started.   Thanks are due to one of the hard working members who went back to school to learn how to set up and maintain their website..  Thanks to Pat Danczek for her hard work on visit and make a donation, if you can.  Our county has no animal shelter, except city animal control in the respective cities and anything you could give will be greatly appreciated!

November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet-Month.   Senior pets are just not ready to retire but offer calm affection to their owners.  Consider one from your local no-kill shelter.  You can appreciate the love and they will sincerely appreciate a forever home.  I know some cat owners may have two cats and lose one to illness and then try to adopt a mature cat for thei remaining cat, who is missing their friend.  Go here to see some beautiful Senior Cats.

WOW!  We have a new Facebook Fan Page!  We are so proud of all of the people on Facebook that "Like" us but we need you, too.  Please go to our fan page at and "Like" us, then click on one of the links back to our site & click on the picture of the Cosmic Catnip Cat Toy Collection and enter to win that cat toy collection!

While you are there, please officially "Subscribe" to our quarterly newsletter and you will automatically be entered to win the "Outer Limits Small Cat Tree", just in time for Christmas.  Your cat will love it!

We pride ourselves on quality products and Customer Service, second to none.  In that regard, we recently severed our relationship with a manufacturer of outdoor cat kennels, as their quality, workmanship and customer service were not up to our standards.  We are not out to be vindictive, so, I will not elaborate on their name.

I do want to tell you we have added another high quality outdoor  cat kennel manufacturer, Options Plus.  We will be adding more of their products in the coming weeks. 

We are also broadening the line of products from The Cat’s Den, manufacturer of another high quality line of outdoor cat kennel components.   In addition to their outdoor kennel kits, we will be adding other components like Tunnels, Stairs, Towers, and Hangtime Hammocks to match the Awnings currently offered on our site.  This allows you to custom design your own kennel.  We have found the quality, workmanship and customer care of these two manufacturers to be in line with our standards.

OK, so it’s an early winter.   Be sure to check out the great Outdoor, Insulated Cedar Cat Houses, with optional heating pads to keep your outdoor kitties warm this winter.

AND…….for 5 days from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, Nov. 24th through Nov. 28th, we will be offering some special deals.  Check out our “Holiday Specials” page during those dates.  That page will not be available until a few days  before.

I always like to share good products with you, even if I don’t sell them myself.  One of the best products I have found, lately, is one called Zero Odor.  You can spray litter box litter and, in the case of an automatic litter box, you can spray the “holding tray” with Zero Odor and, voilla! The odor is gone!  I bought mine at The Pet Product Advisor website.  You may be able to find it for less if you look around.  I think you will like it.

DON’T FORGET to consider adopting a Senior Pet this month.

Watch for our new products and Holiday Specials!

One of the most beauriful stories you will ever read is here:

My Warmest Regards,

Pat Lemmons 


The HEAT is on!!  And on, and on……………………

WOW, 2011 has proven to be a terrible year for inclement weather:  From the brutal cold at the beginning of the year, to the horrendous storms and tornadoes in the spring, to the unbearable heat of this summer, everyone is looking for a way to stay cool.

 Our family pets depend on us to watch out for their well being.  Make sure your pet has plenty of cool water available to them at all times.  We have added a wonderful product to our website that will help you in hydrating your pet.  It is the Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain.  It has a lot of features not offered by other fountains, such as the ability to sterilize it because it is made of ceramic material.  It also purports to “chill” the water.

 A recent article on the dangers of this heat to animals, found in the ASPCA Newsletter, tells you how you can help if you see a pet left in a hot car:.

 Rayne Nolte was in the parking lot of a Mankato, Minnesota, mall last week when she spotted Roxie, a Yorkie mix, trapped in a car. The temperature was 88 degrees with a heat index of 103, and the car's owner was gone.

You may have found yourself in Rayne’s situation before. Many pet parents believe that cracking a window is enough to keep their dogs cool in the car while they make a quick pit stop—but they couldn’t be more wrong. "Automobile temperatures can very quickly rise to dangerous levels; the average temperature increase in a parked car is 40 degrees, and the majority of this increase occurs in the first 15 to 30 minutes," says Dr. Louise Murray, Vice President of ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. When it’s 80 degrees outside, your car will be a staggering 114 degrees after 30 minutes!

Worse still, dogs can’t cool themselves down as easily as people, and once they overheat, they can suffer extensive organ damage or die. Luckily, Rayne made all the right moves. Follow her lead by taking these simple steps.

Step 1: Try to Locate the Pet Parent 
Roxie’s people were nowhere in sight, so Rayne called mall security, who tried to find Roxie’s family through the loudspeaker. (You can ask most stores to do this.)

 Step 2: Educate 
Rayne couldn’t find Roxie’s pet parents, but if you do, explain the dangers of leaving a pet in a hot car. Make sure the pet gets out of the car as soon as possible.

 Step 3: Call 911 
Fourteen states have enacted specific laws that protect dogs in hot cars, as have many municipalities—but even in places lacking such a law, leaving an animal in a hot car may constitute cruelty.

Rayne and the mall security officers dialed 911. When the police pulled Roxie from the steamy vehicle, she was very ill but soon on the road to recovery.

 Step 4: Pat Yourself on the Back 
Pets are counting on people like you to save their lives. Rayne rescued Roxie just in time, and she made a full recovery! And according to theMankato Free Press, the pet-sitter who left Roxie in the car was charged with a petty misdemeanor.

 Most of us don’t like to appear to be a nosey busy-body but interfering when you might save a life is well worth the risk.

 One last “serious” bit of business…..I like many others received a request from for help with a Bissell Products promotion.  Please help, it takes only a minute or two.

 For each new fan who LIKES and registers on the BISSELL Facebook page, our friends at BISSELL will donate $0.50 up to a total of $30,000.  These funds will be used to provide grants for Petfinder members in need.  Ask your supporters to join you in these 3 easy steps:

1 - Visit
3 - Register 

BISSELL is a long standing supporter of pet adoption.  Recently they donated $20,000 to the Foundation in support of the amazing Rescue U trip to Kentucky.  View a great video of the trip at the Dog Files:

Now BISSELL is ready to donate another $30,000.  A lot of adoptable pets can be helped with $30,000, and it is as easy as a quick trip to Facebook ( so take part now – and spread the word.  

On a lighter note, we are always excited when we add new, quality products.  We’ve partnered with the manufacturer of Kitty Mansions and are please to offer many of their creations.   From  The Havana, with it’s cute cat head, to the Rome Cat Hotel or The Buckingham Palace, these are among the most unique cat trees available anywhere.

We also have partnered with Molly and Friends and are adding their products this week.  Theirs are some of the most whimsical available today.  Watch for these over the next couple of weeks, as we get them added.

We have added a new category for our Extra Large Cat Trees for the multi-cat family.  See the new category here:

Also new to our store is a line of high quality, solid wood cat trees, perches and scratching posts.  These are MADE IN AMERICA and the manufacturer, New Cat Condos, in Phoenix, Arizona, uses a high grade of wood,  premium grade carpet and unwaxed sisal rope for a premium quality but affordable product.  See them all here:

Remember, KittyStoreOnline has 100’s of ways to spoil your kitty!  Don’t let boredom set in!  Keep them entertained and PAMPERED!  You will have their unwavering love (even if it’s often difficult to tell).  ;-)

Until next time……..pray for cooler weather!

Kindest Regards,

Pat Lemmons


SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!  The terrible weather is testament to the arrival of spring.  Soon it will be hurricane season.  However, with all of the drawbacks of spring, itis still reminicsent of "renewal" as evidenced by the beautiful wildflowers throughout the countryside and the emergence of green everywhere.

Spring is also known for the explosion in the population of kittens.   Trap/Spay-Neuter/Return is the best program ever devised for the control of these litters.  So many providers of these programs need funds to continue this worthy cause.  Please give all you can, when you can, to organizations like ASPCA, Alley Cat Allies, Indy Feral and your local shelters who provide this service and low cost spay/neuter programs.

One of our local shelters, Gulf Coast Humane Society, has had to temporarily cut their low cost spay/neuter program because of lack of funds.  However, another shelter, SPCA San Pat County seems to come up with the grants needed to offer the Trap/Spay-Neuter/Return programs and our county is the better for it.  Keep those donations coming!

We've all heard the notion that a dog or cat ages 7 years for every one human year.  However, that was recently debunked by researchers.  They say a 1 year old cat is similar to 24 human years. They then age about 4 years to 1 human year. (1 cat year to 7 human years is a myth).  Of course, I don't know how they came to that conclusion.   :-)


Warm greetings to each and everyone.  Especially to those of you who are suffering through a brutally cold winter.  We are in South Texas, where we only occasionally have temperatures below freezing.  We certainly feel for your plight.

In the winter months, the outside kitties can really suffer.  Whether they are your outside cat or the neighborhood feral cat, they need a warm place to sleep and eat.  I firmly believe that anyone who chooses to have a pet should have a place in their home where that pet can be warm in winter, cool in summer and have a safe place to eat and rest.

Through conversations with visitors to our site, I find there are people all over our country who try to feed and offer shelter for their neighborhood feral cats.  I have been one of you for several years.  It is very difficult to entice a feral cat away from where he has been “staying”.  They find a place where they feel safe and it is usually in the company of other feral cats.  However, if they are coming to your or your neighbor’s house to eat, it is possible to familiarize them with some sort of shelter. 

Although you may not be able to invite him in, the feral cat you feed deserves an effort to give him some shelter from the cold, even if it is a box with straw in it.  There are outdoor heating pads for cats as well as pads that require no electricity but simply reflect the animal's body heat to keep it warm.

I found a great website which gives advice to shelters and those of us who try to care for feral cats.  They have good ideas for winter shelter for these little creatures.  They offer advice on everything from food and shelter to trapping basics and tips on taming.   They give you great ideas for basic shelters, feeding stations and all things feral cat.

They have spayed or neutered 21,434 feral cats since 2002.  If you are interested in improving the lives of feral cats in your neighborhood, please visit this site  Another great site for this type of information is Alley Cat Allies at

We have added some great new products to our site.  One of these is a line of eco-friendly, all natural wood cat trees.  They are made of tree limbs with the bark removed.  These are especially good for people who might have allergies affected by the carpet or faux fur fabrics used on other cat trees.  You can see these here:

 We’ve added the new PetSafe Pet Doorbell which alerts you when your pet approaches the door, either needing to go out or come in. and the Petsafe Instant Patio Panel Pet Door.  I would also like to point out the PetSafe Cat Veranda,for windows,has been discontinued and we have access to only about a dozen of the last ones.  This is a great product for apartments condos, or homes with inside cats to give them some fresh air and sunshine without the dangers of being outside. If you are interested in this product, we have it at a closeout price.  All of these products can be seen here

 Don’t miss out on our March 31st Sweepstakes.  We have a great Grand Prize and 10 Weekly Prizes.  Be sure to register today.

 Keep those kitties warm and give them lots of love and attention.  You will reap the benefits, I promise.

Until next time.....

Pat Lemmons



Happy Fall, everyone!  The weather has finally cooled off in South Texas.  Thank goodness!

Hope your weather is pleasant.  It is terrible about the violent weather in some parts of our country.  I always think about the pets and how they survive some of mother natures wrath.  I am so thankful for organizations like the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States, American Humane Society and others who make it their mission to rescue animals adversely affected by weather.  If you don't already, maybe you could consider making a small (or large) monthly donation to one or more of these fine organizations.  You can arrange a monthly donation be charged to a credit card.  Even $5.00 a month helps.  That gives them a better idea of funding available to plan their operations.  Thank you for what you do for them

October 16th is National Feral Cat Day.  There will be many special benefits and fund raisers for local animal shelters to help stabilize the lives of feral cats in our communities, with Trap-Spay/Neuther-Return programs.  One of the leading sponsors of help for feral cat colonies is the fine group at  Please visit their website to see all of the wonderful work they do and consider making them one of your charities this year.

We announced the addition of a new line of outdoor cat kennel enclosures by Cat Den - Habitat Haven in Canada.  This is a line of outdoor enclosures you build from pre-packaged kits.  We will be adding other pieces so you can add to a kit or design your own.  If you live in Ontario Canada, the manufacturer has qualified people to construct it for you.  However, the kits are designed for easy construction, for a do-it-yourself cat kennel.  Nothing gives a cat the feeling of being outdoors like being outdoors and this is freedom without the danger.

We are also pleased to add products from the manufacturer Mr Herzher.  They produce a line of really fine quality pet furniture including a Decorative Litter Pan Cover of "Rhino Wicker", Fine Feline Furniture in Early American or Ebony finishes, one of the most Decorative Pet Beds and Decorative Pet Steps in fine wood in Espresso or Warm Cherry.

Also, we have added a lot of new designs to our line of T-Shirts With Catitude.  Check out all of our new products!

And don't forget the Outdoor Cedar Cat Houses are on Sale 10% off through October 31st!  Get your outside kitty ready for winter.

From Kitten To Cat, The Journey Is Amazing

 These little creatures can give you years of enjoyment and love.  They will grace your home with their playfulness and beauty.  They will give you hours of laughter and enhance your life experience.  All they require is your complete attention, care and love in return.

The decision to bring a cat or kitten into your home is one that should be made with thoughtful consideration.  These are somewhat fragile animals that must be cared for and protected.  Small children usually aren’t familiar with handling a cat or kitten.  For the safety of the cat, and the child, it will be necessary to teach the child the proper way of interacting with the new addition.  Supervision must be given, in the beginning, to insure the safety of the cat and the child.

Consideration must also be given to whether this will be an inside cat, an outside cat or an inside/outside cat.  From statistical studies, an outside cat’s life span is 2 to 4 years.  On the other hand, a house cat can live into its twenties, if cared for properly.

If you’ve never had a cat in your home, you may find you need to make a few adjustments.  Kittens, in particular, are very inquisitive.  They will examine every nook and cranny of your home.  By doing this, they establish “safety zones”.  You must let them have these in order to give them the security they need.  Cats are very safety and security minded.

They may also find electrical cords, which could injure them if chewed on, or valuables that can be broken, if played with.  The best thing to do is shorten cords to raise them off the floor.  You can do this with twist ties.  Valuable or breakable items should be put away until you feel the cat will not be attracted to them.

 The kitten never lacks in imagination.  Constantly exploring it’s environment, the kitten is in awe of the surroundings.  There are so many things to see and do.  The kitten never gets bored, maybe tired, but not bored.  A kitten learns its behavior in the first weeks of life.  It needs stimulation by play to keep it from becoming destructive in later months.  Providing toys and safe places to sleep or play is of utmost importance to the kitten’s development.  Providing scratching posts, cat bed and a climbing tree is of utmost importance to your furniture and your nerves.

Small toys such as catnip scented mice or small ball type toys seem to keep their attention the longest.  Batting these toys around, all over the house, is not only fun to them but gives them the exercise a house cat needs.  If you opt for other more expensive toys, they should have an interaction to entice the kitten because they have such a short attention span.

Sibling kittens learn the art of play and rough and tumble interaction with other kittens, which will serve to make them play longer into adulthood.  This is important for their physical development, giving them the exercise they need and creates the psychological frame of mind to get along with other family pets.

An adult cat is a thing of beauty and grace.  Jules Verne once said “I think a cat could walk on a cloud and not come through”.  The feline is one of God’s most perfect creations.  He knew we needed these in our lives. 

The journey through life with a cat is truly a joy you can’t understand until you experience it.

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Until next time.....................................Miss Kitty



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Hope everyone is enjoying your summer.  It’s extremely hot and humid here.  I’m ready for some cooler weather.  My 5 indoor cats are ready, as well.  They enjoy their outdoor kennel but not as much when temps are near, sometimes over, 100 degrees!  They prefer lying around in the air conditioned house until the evening starts to cool off outside.  Cats are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for!

I’m very excited to announce that we have partnered with BONGO International, a first class international freight forwarder, to assist our customers in other countries.  Now, our visitors from other parts of the world can immediately find out what the international shipping charges are for items on our site.  A lot of the products we offer on our site are not available in other countries.  This brings the U.S. retail sites virtually to their door.  That being said, shipping to Canada will still be handled by UPS or FedEx. 

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A subject that has always tugged at my heart strings is the plight of feral cats.  First of all, you need to understand what a feral cat is.  According to Alley Cat Allies, the leading cat advocate, feral cats are members of the domestic cat species but are not socialized to humans and are not considered adoptable.  Cats have been living outdoors near humans for thousands of years.  They typically live in groups called colonies and have strong social bonds with their colony members.

Like all animals, feral cats make their home where they find shelter and food, often in close proximity to humans.  Programs called Trap-Neuter-Return are provided in many cities throughout the country, some by city animal control and some by animal shelters.  Wonderful organizations in the pet care/pet products industries provide grants for these programs.  Among them are companies like Petsmart, Petco, Purina and many others.

The T-N-R programs are the most humane way to deal with the feral cat population.  These programs allow the cat colonies to survive but not continue to re-populate.  In the process, some cats are not returned to the colony if they are deemed to be very sick and returning them would infect other cats in the colony.  By doing this the colony is also much healthier. 

Spaying and neutering the cats reduces the injuries and illnesses they are subjected to by reducing the fighting.    The behavior and stresses associated with mating, such as howling and fighting stop.  Trap-Neuter-Return works!  No more kittens.  Their lives are improved and the population stabilizes and declines over time.

Most City and County animal control department’s traditional approach to feral cats is ‘catch and kill’.  This doesn’t keep an area free of cats for long.  Catch and kill is cruel, inhumane and creates a vacuum, as do attempts to ‘relocate’ cats.  Once some cats are removed from a territory, other cats move in to take advantage of newly available resources.  They breed, forming a new colony.  Catch and kill is an endless and costly cycle.

Trap-Neuter-Return is the SOLUTION!  If I have stirred something in you to help the feral cats in your neighborhood (AND help your neighborhood) please contact your local animal shelters or city/county animal control departments to see if they offer one of the T-N-R Programs.

If you or they need information or assistance please go to  This is an invaluable source of education about feral cats. 

Join the “I’m An Alley Cat Ally” Campaign here

National Feral Cat Day is October 16.  See how you can help:

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The first feature story will be the story of our dog “Muffin”.   We have had him for seven months now.

Here is "Muffin's Story"

My husband drives the transport van for our regional MHMR, part time.  On a regular lady's pickup every two weeks, he had seen the small dog tied to a tree where she left him when she was away.  On this particular day, he saw Muffin tied to the tree, right next to their travel trailer, in a terrible thunderstorm, with no shelter, food or water and said her boyfriend would not allow him inside the travel trailer.  My husband asked the woman if she would let him have the dog.  She said "Yes, I'm sure you can give him a better home than I can".  Two weeks later, the travel trailer burned to the ground, destroying the tree where Muffin would have been tied at the time of the fire.  We had renamed him "Muffin" because he looked like a ragmuffin but today we call him "Lucky Muffin".  And we too are so lucky to have him.  He is a joy and even gets along with all of our cats.

ALERT:  Just prior to publishing this newsletter, we had another unexpected addition to our family.  This is "Cookie".

Cookie is a seven month old Shih Tzu.  Her owner was getting ready to move and said he was going to leave her behind.  He said the neighbors had dogs and would "probably" take care of her.  My husband said "Why don't you let me have her and I will make sure she is taken care of".  She had a terrible flea infestation.  Even though we bathed her that afternoon, she still had fleas when we took her to the veterinarian the next day.  They dipped her but also had to give her a CapStar pill to completely rid her of fleas.  She has fit right in with Muffin and our 5 housecats.  She and Muffin play incessantly.  The cats all watch as if amused.


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I'd like to share one of the adventures of my last week.  I'm sure some of you will be able to relate.  Last week, someone placed a cardboard box on the corner about a block from our home.  A neighbor, driving by saw some little heads peeking out of the box.  Knowing I wouldn't leave them there, he stopped to tell me about them.  My husband and I drove to the corner and brought the box of 5 beautiful kittens home.  We prepared them a crate with soft towels to lie on, litter box, food and water.  Each afternoon, we have taken them out in the grass to run and play.  They are such a delight to watch!

Then began the search for a reliable shelter to find them "forever homes".  The two we sponsor on the website have been swamped with litters of kittens, some having to be bottle fed.  They were unable to take them.  At last, a great organization "Last Chance Rescue" came to the rescue.  They had a foster Mom available who would take good care of them until they are adopted.  So, we have reluctantly given them over to continue on their life path.  Please remember this wonderful organization in your prayers.

I will miss them and wish I could keep them all but we already have 5 housecats, one outside cat that adopted us and now lives here, our dogs Muffin and Cookie and several "neighborhood" cats I feed.  So, I must let them find homes where they will get the love and attention they deserve.


The following is an article from  It is written by a woman who calls herself Pammie.  Pammie has spent her entire life dealing with the nature and nurture of cats.  She has written two very helpful ebooks on the subject of cats.  After reading her article, please visit her blog.  You can ask any cat questions you have and she will answer them.


It must be an occupational hazard.

As long as I’ve been a Cat Advocate, I’ve encountered the people who respond to humane issues with some variation of it’s only an animal, or it’s just wrong to care so much about a pet, or, in what is supposed to be the real argument crusher, you’re treating a cat like a person!

It’s not difficult to encounter this attitude; any online news story about an abused animal will have someone popping up in the comment section to belittle those who express concern; the animal humanitarians are told their compassion is misplaced, that they must have something wrong with them to be so upset, and that such effort is far better spent on needy children.

If challenged, they start talking about how “excessive” empathy for animals is a sign of being a sociopath who cares about animals but not about humans. (This is a myth; in fact, sociopaths usually start their homicidal careers with mistreatment of pets and small wild animals.)  

Expressing these thoughts says a lot more about them than it does about me. Because when I’m in a position to ask questions of them and delve a little further than anonymous internet postings, what comes out? A claim that the exchange of respect and love is a rare privilege that must be earned… and few do. 

 I’ve come to the conclusion that an attitude complaining that I’m treating my cats like people has, at base, a general aversion to treating anyone “like people.” It’s not high-mindedness or reverence for life. It’s just raw envy. 

Because I’ve known and worked with people who do feed starving children, or provide hospice care, or rescue animals, and here’s the thing: they are all the same people.   

These supposedly high-minded commenters who denigrate animal rescue work see life as a “zero sum” situation. Any care I give is care that cannot be given elsewhere. But that is not true. In fact, I understand how expanding our definition of “humanitarian” increases the love in the world. 

Oppressed humans come in all shapes and sizes, just as mistreated animals do. If we start doing sliding scales, then fewer become worthy of consideration. This decreases the love in the world. 

 As a family, we could take the money we use for our cats and donate it to exclusively human charities; but then where would be the charity that spends its days with my housebound partner, giving him the amusement, care, and love that he gets from our cats? 

 Animal advocacy is based on the fact that, as living, feeling beings, we should be considerate of other living, feeling beings. My cats are not dressed in doll clothes (though if I had a toddler, they probably would be.) I don’t hire clowns for their birthdays, or throw them parties. I don’t plan on sending them to college. 

 I know, every day, that they are not people. I base my care, training, understanding, and actions with my cats on treating them like cats. 

And I treat people… like people. 


Works for me. 


Pam is a very insightful cat person who offers great advice for the cat parents out there.  Be sure to send her your questions.  She is more than happy to help!  Be sure to read her latest blog.  You won't be disappointed!

And, finally, I'd like to share an article I found at www.petplace.comIt is titled "Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Cat"


Our pets can teach us many things - if we're willing to listen. They teach us how to love unconditionally, how to look at each day as a new one, to embrace all the good things and why we need to cherish the simple things in life.

Here are some basic lessons our pets endeavor to teach us:

1. Rest and relaxation are the keys to happiness, so relax any chance you get. And don't work too hard.

2. There is always time for a cat nap.

3. The family that sleeps together stays together. Don't be afraid to curl up really close behind your person's knees or in the crook of the neck and purr.

4. Nighttime is the time to party, and it's more fun if you can share it with your family. Howl, meow, play with their ankles, or leap across the bed to wake them up.

5. Spend time with the people you love, especially when they are working. Sit near the computer and purr, walk across the keyboard occasionally, or better still, knock things off the desk one at a time so your person doesn't get bored.

6. Show your favorite people that you love them. Sit on their lap, pet or rub a leg, or run your tail across their faces to get your message across.

7. Get excited and come running every time a special treat or food is available. Showing a little appreciation and enthusiasm will always get you treats.

8. Don't settle for bland, tasteless food; refuse it and you will be fed fancy and expensive food.

9. Stretch and yawn before you get up, no matter what time it is.

10. Enjoy the sun – lie down, roll around and just appreciate the warmth.

11. Purr when you are happy.

12. Cleanliness is next to godliness, so keep yourself clean and pristine.

13. Appreciate a clean bathroom.

14. Enjoy the solace of a view from a nice window.

15. "Making bread" is good for the soul.

16. Be independent.

17. Don't always do what people want you to do.

18. Keep cool. If you don't want to do something, no need to argue – just don't do it.

19. Don't be afraid to look at things from a different perspective occasionally. Sit high on a bookshelf or peek out from under a chair.

20. Expect to be pampered and treated like a prince or princess, and you will be.


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