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Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"


Outdoor habitat for indoor cats. 

Indoor cats can become bored with life in the house.  They need occasional trips outside to smell the air, watch the birds, chew on some grass, chase a bug or other exciting creature.  We have 5 indoor cats.  They have their own room with 2 cat condos & 3 Littermaid litter boxes.  They very generously share it with my desk, computer & filing cabinet.  In the back wall of “their” room is a pet door.  Attached to the pet door, on the outside is a walkway, the size of the door, enclosed with chicken wire.  Attached to the walkway is a 2” X 6” board, covered with sisal rope leading to the ground inside the kennel.  The kennel has two rooms constructed by erecting two 7’W X 13’ L X 6’H dog kennels.  A secure roof is made by constructing 2 sections of roof, per room,  8’ X 4’ of 2” X 2” frame & corrugated PVC plastic sheets cut in sections & attached to the roof to allow water to flow off the roof.  These two sections are attached in the center of each room to form the pitched roof.  A section of pipe, like the kennel frame, is attached to the top of the kennel frame with risers, making the center of the roof about 8” taller than the sides, allowing for the pitch of the roof.  Since this leaves openings at each end, between the kennel top rail, a plastic mesh material is attached in the opening to prevent escape.  J

Cats love to climb trees, so, tree limbs are configured in each room of the kennel to give them trees to climb & allowing space on each where they can lay & watch their outside world around them.  Also in the kennel is a perch with scratching posts.  I am designing two outside condos that will be weatherproof & hope to offer the plans for the outside condos, for sale, on the site soon.  I’ll post more info when the plans are available.

<>Just give some serious thought to providing an outside habitat for your indoor cats where they can safely, securely investigate the outdoor wonders they crave. 

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