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Assembly Instructions fo ProSelect 3 Tier Cage
Assembly  Instructions for ZW8945, ProSelect® Three-Tier Cat Cage

Please note: Assembly of this cage unit requires two persons.

 1.  Turn the base unit (A) upside down. Insert the leg of one caster (B) into one corner hole in the base. Press down firmly to lock it in place. Repeat with the remaining three casters.
 2.  Turn the base right side up. The long side with the indentation is the front; the long side with a hole in it is the back.
 3.  Unfold one of the cage units (C). Place it on the base so that the bottom edge of the cage fits directly into the channel that goes around the perimeter of the base unit. Make sure the door faces the front of the base, and that the door handle is on the left.
 4.  Flip up the large side latches on the base so that they snap securely onto the short sides of the bottom cage unit.
 5.  Press one corner fastener (D) onto each top corner of the cage unit.
 6.  Press one flat-sided fastener (E) onto each short side of the unit, at the center point of each side.
 7. Unfold another cage unit and place it on top of the first (bottom) cage unit. Press down firmly until all bottom edges of the cage unit snap into the corner and side fasteners.
 8.  Use four small sliding fasteners (F) to secure the two stacked cage units. On the front: place one on either side of the bottom edge of the door. On the back: place them equidistant from the corners. (See the inset photo for detailed instructions on using the small sliding fasteners.)
 9.  Repeat step 7.
10. On each top corner, snap on the top corner fasteners (G).
11. Snap the two small rectangular side clips (H) onto the center point of each short side of the top cage unit.
12. Place the top roof rack (I) inside the top cage unit, with the bent, L-shaped edges facing upwards on the short sides, and downwards on the front and back. Then pull firmly upwards on the top rack, until these edges snap onto the top edges of the top cage unit. You may need to pull the cage sides slightly towards you to accomplish this. 
13. Place the plastic perches (J) in desired locations at desired heights by snapping them into place as shown. Note: the perches fit ONLY on the short sides of the cage, not onto the front or back.
14. If you choose to use the climbing ladders (K), secure them to the perches by placing their hooks into the holes in the front edges of the perches, and resting the bottom of each ladder on the perch below. 
15. Each door has a triple-lock design. To open the door, first release the top latch that is over the door handle by pushing up on it. Next, push down the metal clasp that is under the door handle, until it clears the edge of the door. Last, pull the door handle firmly to the left, to release it and open the door.

Please note that the small sliding fasteners come in matched sets, and must be used as such. Closely examine the two pieces of each set. You will see that one piece has raised arrows on it, and the other piece does not. You must match an arrowed piece with a non-arrowed piece for these fasteners to work properly. The pieces are not interchangeable. That is, you cannot use two arrowed or two non-arrowed pieces together; it must be one of each.

Also please note that these pieces work by sliding together and apart. They do not pull apart.
To attach the small sliding fasteners: Hold one piece inside the cage so that the ridged side faces you. Place the other piece against the first piece, with the smooth side facing you. Fasten the two pieces together by sliding the ridges of the back piece into the channels of the front piece.

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