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Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

How many cats will fit into the Kitty Tube™?

The Kitty Tube™ will hold up to 3 cats comfortably, as long as they get along with each other of course. The Kitty Tube will hold 2-3 cats if you have the double insulation liner option.
Why doesn't the Kitty Tube™ have a 2nd exit?

We intentionally designed the Kitty Tube™ without a second exit. The door of the Kitty Tube™ is designed to allow easy passage for even large cats, but keep out life threatening predators like dogs, coyotes, wolves, or large raccoons. Coyotes especially, tend to hunt in packs, and often chase down and kill cats. In case of a predator attack, your cat is far safer inside the sturdy construction of the Kitty Tube™ instead of taking its chances fleeing the attackers. The head of a large predator cannot fit inside the opening of the Kitty Tube™, keeping your cat safe. Small animals that might fit into the opening like possums, small raccoons, etc, are generally not considered to be life threatening to a cat.

A cat house with a large or second exit cannot offer the protection to your cat the Kitty Tube can. Plus, having one door in The Kitty Tube™ allows the heat from your cat(s) to stay inside their extremely well insulated home without a draft flowing through two doors. We always tell our customers to go outside after a cold night and place their hand inside The Kitty Tube™ to “feel” the heat inside the best insulated outdoor cat house on the market.
What are the dimensions of the Kitty Tube™?
The Kitty Tube™ is 24″ diameter on the outside, and about 22″ on the inside. It is about 23″ tall.

The door is about 5.25″ wide, and 6.25″ tall. The door will allow the passage of even the largest cats, but will keep most predators from entering.
Being the Kitty Tube™ is black, will it get hot in the summer sun?

The Kitty Tube™ is an ultra insulated product. It contains a high R value insulation on the floor, walls and ceiling. There is a designed air space between the top ceiling insulation and the dome lid. This creates a thermal barrier from the summer sun. The built in ventilation is positioned below the top ceiling insulation which keeps positive air movement coming in the door and going out the top ventilation holes.

However, if possible, in extreme heat it is best to keep the Kitty Tube™ in a shady area, or cover it with a old white sheet during the day. One customer suggested a tip to place the lid inside a white garbage bag, and then placing the lid back on the Kitty Tube™. This will help keep the hot rays of the sun off of the black lid.

IMPORTANT: If you use the double insulation liner, you must remove the inside “smaller” diameter top disk during the summer season as this constricts the air flow through the Kitty Tube.

I am having trouble getting my cat to use the Kitty Tube™-what should I do?

9 times out of 10 cats take immediately to the Kitty Tube, but we understand that there is an occasional stubborn one. First tip is this: If your cat will allow you to hold or pet it, place your cat inside the top of the Kitty Tube™ with the lid removed. Pet and caress your cat as necessary as they lay inside the Kitty Tube™ to help them know this is it’s new home. Of course, if the cat is feral, this may not be possible.

If the cat is feral, place the Kitty Tube™ in an area where the cat roams, or possibly sleeps at night. Curiosity will no doubt eventually over take the cat and before long, you will see it exiting the Kitty Tube™ in the mornings.

A small amount of cat nip can also be sprinkled on the inside of the Kitty Tube™ to help entice them.

I live in a very cold climate, so does the Kitty Tube™ need a heater?

The Kitty Tube™ was designed in the upper Midwest where below zero temperatures are common. We designed the interior of the Kitty Tube™ so your cat will be surrounded by a high R value insulation on all sides. Depending on the model purchased, there is either a plush pet pillow, or straw on top of the insulated floor. With the top ventilation holes in the closed position for winter, the Kitty Tube™ is a closed unit except for the door. With this closed design, the wind is not allowed to blow through and into the Kitty Tube™, helping to retain your cats body heat.

Even though we designed the best insulated cat house on the market, we do agree that a heater will keep your cat warmer than without.

Can I put food inside the Kitty Tube™ to attract my cat?

We strongly do not recommend this, as it may attract raccoons, opossums, or skunks to visit the Kitty Tube™, and they may try to make it their home.

Can I buy a Kitty Tube™ with a heater?

Yes, we have one heating option, The Kitty Tube™ Low Voltage Outdoor Electric Heating Pad with Fleece Cover. This “new” safe low voltage heater is improved over last years design. It will reach a max temp of approximately 102 degrees. This is the body temperature of a cat.

We recommend placing the heater under the straw or pillow depending on model. Please note that the heater will not feel extremely warm to your touch, but will provide constant soothing heat when placed under the pillow or straw. If you want to experiment with the heat, simply place it on a chair and sit on it. You will see how warm it feels.

Why is The Kitty Tube™ a round cat house?

Experts agree that the round shape of the Kitty Tube™ is naturally preferred by cats. They simply feel safe inside. The round shape also repels wind from entering the front door, and the round shape keeps the wind from blowing the Kitty Tube™ away. The other advantage is that when a cat curls up against the wall of the Kitty Tube™, the cats body will conform to the round shape and your cat will be sleeping up against the insulation at all times. The round shape retains the heat of your cat.

Why doesn't the Kitty Tube™ have a door?

It is a known fact that cats DO NOT like to push things open with their nose. You will also realize that throughout the majority of the day, your cat will be sitting extremely content just inside the open doorway for the Kitty Tube™ peeking out at its surroundings. The small doorway, and the round design will keep out the majority of wind so a door is not needed for this purpose.

HOWEVER, new for 2016, we are offering a removable clear flap door. Customers have requested we provide this option. We do recommend starting off without the door installed so your cat will get used to the Kitty Tube. It can be easily installed when the cat is accustomed with using the Kitty Tube on a regular basis.

Why does it cost so much to ship The Kitty Tube™ to Canada?

The Kitty Tube’s™ U.S. shipping prices averages $34 a box based on the actual charges from our shipping companies. It is categorized as an oversized package and ships based on the dimensions, which is a 24″ X 24″ X 20″ package.

How do you clean The Kitty Tube™ if a cat sprays on it?

This is what we have been recommending to customers who have emailed us regarding a cat spraying or marking The Kitty Tube™. So please try this and then see if it helps!

This has helped them out! Buy Arm & Hammer’s Laundry Soap. As it says: The power of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda helps remove tough dirt and odor while delivering long lasting freshness.
Get a bucket and make a solution of water and the laundry soap. Take the insulation OUT of The Kitty Tube™. Take the lid off, the top insulation piece off, then the inner walls you can slide out, and then remove the bottom insulation disc, too. Wash the insulation walls all over with the solution and then rinse them, too! Keep them out to dry off.

Also, take the solution and wash off the inner plastic walls and outdoor plastic walls, too, in case the spray went on that, too!

How do I wash the Kitty Tube pillow?

We have found a great way to clean the pillow!! Take the pillow and a garbage bag to the self service car wash. Lay pillow on the flat concrete floor, and wash the top of the pillow spraying straight down through the pillow with the high pressure wand. Flip the pillow over, and repeat. This process seems to remove all the dirt along with the hair that gets stuck to the pillow. Place the wet pillow in the garbage bag to keep from getting your car wet on the way home. You will need to allow the pillow to drip dry before use.

By washing this way, the pillow won’t get bunched up as it can in the washer and dryer.

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