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Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

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You can now create the ultimate catification, of your home, with this new ceiling-mounted Cat Bridge. After 2-1/2 years of development the manufacturer has created a Bridge that can be installed in most homes, custom-made especially for you!
Bridges attach to the wall, have railings and ceiling supports. We also offer an optional Bridge Tunnel and optional removable carpet. And a custom bridge walkway can be created, just for you, attaching to three or four walls.
You can get the Basic Cat Bridge or the Cat Bridge with a Tunnel.
The super solid bridge is modular giving you flexibility to create a custom Bridge just for you and your kitties. The Bridge Shelves attach to the walls and to the Bridge Walkways. The Walkways come in different lengths and have a railing on each side to increase kitty safety and to make the bridge stronger. Depending on how many feet your Bridge is, you'll likely need a couple of the Bridge Ceiling Supports.
The Bridge Walkways feature optional carpet. And you can add one or more of the Bridge Tunnels which have a peek out hole for kitties to look out from. The top of the Tunnel is open.
The Bridge is set to be 18" from the ceiling and is wide enough for kitties to get a comfy nap or to pass another cat. And your Bridge will be custom made to fit your room.
You can place a stairway at each end, leading to other shelves, for ascent onto and descent from the “Cat Bridge”. 

So, consider creating the ultimate kitty superhighway

The basic Ceiling-Mounted Cat Bridge is an outstanding new addition to our line of wall-mounted cat furniture. Offering the ultimate in catification, your cat can now not only walk on walls, they can walk on the ceiling too! This contemporary looking bridge allows your cat to walk across the room without ever touching the floor. 

Custom made especially for your home, our Cat Bridge can fit most any size room. And this Bridge can either be a great option all by itself or it can be the start to a series of Bridges that connect. The designer can help you create your unique Cat Bridge vision or help you come up with a design that works for your environment. 
Each Bridge Walkway has optional carpeting and has a railing on each side to offer safety while your kitty is napping or passing another cat. It also makes the Bridge super strong. While we don't recommend people hang on it, it will be very secure for your kitty if properly installed. 

Each Bridge comes with a Bridge Shelf  Bracket which attached the wall to the Bridge on both sides, a Ceiling Support, and two equal sections of a Bridge Walkway with a Railing. These Bridges are custom made for your room and can be any length with extra Ceiling Supports and Bridge Walkway sections. 

Our pricing starts for a 10 foot Bridge. You can order your Bridge choosing the number of feet your need for your room and providing an exact measurement you need. Each Bridge is created to allow for leeway because most walls aren't perfectly straight. And if you'd like to add a Bridge Walkway section that attaches to a third or even a fourth wall, there is a Bridge Intersection. You can add a Bridge Tunnel or additional Bridge Walkway sections to truly customize your Bridge design. 

These Bridges are made of Birch or Oak veneer plywood for the painted pieces and Oak veneer plywood for the stained pieces. Finishes include: Oak, Vermont Maple, Walnut, Espresso, Burgundy, White, or Black. You can even get it Unfinished or add a custom color so you can add your own custom look.

The Cat Bridges also have optional carpeted sections added in 1-1/2 or 2 foot sections in the middle of the Cat Walkways. We use SmartStrand® eco-friendly carpet that can be removed for cleaning or replacement. The carpet inserts are recessed into the wood to stay in place, and they are held down with hook and loop (aka Velcro®). 

They work perfectly with our other Cat Trees and wall mounted Cat Shelves and Stairs. They are built to last, easy to clean and your cat will love a chance to look down upon its territory.

The Bridge needs to be assembled, and comes in sections.

Total Bridge is created at a custom length for your home and are 18"H. We can customized this height for high or low ceilings.  The Walkway is 11.75"D.

Our Bridges are reasonably easy to install with two people. You'll get instructions and we can put you on the phone with our builder Terry if you have any problems. This item is custom made and takes two to three weeks to build and ship.

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